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Olympus Introduces Higher Definition Endoscopic Ultrasonography Systems for Better Diagnostic Specificity in a Wide Array of Applications

Melville, NY - New endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) systems announced by Olympus America Inc. are beginning to convert this procedure into a routine modality for the diagnosis and staging of malignant lesions of the gastrointestinal wall and adjacent structures. Though introduced in the early 1980s, Olympus technological innovations have intensified ultrasonic frequencies to provide for higher definition images. Along with this, Olympus continues to advance the use of the procedure with its smaller sized insertion tubes for a broader range of applications.

Now endoscopic ultrasound images can be shown with endoscopic video ones on one monitor as a feature of the new EU-M30 Endoscopic Ultrasound Center. Not only is the unit half the size of its predecessor, but it is fully integrated with the Olympus EVIS system, with EVIS controls right on the keyboard. This new ultrasound capability can be easily added to endoscopy suites on a small, convenient trolley, enabling endoscopic ultrasound images to be depicted alongside endoscopic video images for continuous and simultaneous observations on one monitor. A direct advantage for operators, the dual mode permits visual assistance when inserting or manipulating an ultrasonic endoscope or probe. In addition, this technology can provide greater definition of abnormal pathological changes in deeper tissue and extraperitoneal structure.

Several new ultrasonic scopes also expand the range of options from Olympus. The UM30P now makes ultrasonically guided Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) biopsy possible. The aspiration biopsy needle can be advanced through the scope’s channel to the desired target, while the operator views both the needle and target in the same plane. This unique advantage of Olympus technology with a 250 field of field increases the possibilities for additional interventional procedures. The UC30P ultrasonic scope is fully compatible with Dornier MedTech’s Envision Series ultrasound system. It provides a high resolution image in a wide 180 field of view, while adding high sensitivity color doppler imaging and color energy mapping for accurate needle aspiration biopsies.

Routine examinations of the esophagus also can be facilitated with the Olympus MH-908 Slim Ultrasonic Probe. The 7.9 mm slim insertion tube makes the passage of narrow or stenotic sections of the esophagus much easier. In addition, the probe is equipped with a cone-shaped metal bougie-like tip. Its 7.5 MHz ultrasonic frequency provides sufficient depth of penetration for staging purposes and generates 360 sector scan images for exact tumor delineation.

Another new ultrasonic tool is the ultra-slim probe, UM-S20-20R, which is extremely effective for insertion into the pancreatobiliary ducts. The distal end diameter of 1.7 mm and maximum insertion tube diameter of 2.0 mm allows use with applicable endoscope channel diameters of 2.2 mm or more. Its 20 MHz frequency provides the necessary high-resolution details for increased diagnostic capability.

To learn more about the Olympus endoscopic ultrasonography systems, please call the Endoscope Group at 1-800-848-9024.