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ES-10 Parallel Scanner

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Which operating systems are supported with the ES-10?

Macintosh® System 7.1 or greater. Windows® 3.1, 95, and 98. Windows® NT is not supported.

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Do I need to have the APS film developed before scanning with the ES-10 Scanner?

Yes. The APS film cartridge cannot be inserted into the scanner until the film has been developed.

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Can the ES-10 Scanner scan microfilm?

No, the ES-10 Scanner will not scan microfilm. It was designed to scan 35mm negatives and positives (slides). It will also scan APS (Advanced Photo System) film with the optional APS adapter.

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What comes packaged with the ES-10 Film Scanner?

The ES-10 Film scanner comes packaged with the AC adapter, 35mm film strip holder, 35mm slide holder, dust cover, Centronics 36-pin connector (with Parallel version only), DB25-50 Centronics SCSI cable(with SCSI version only), Olympus ES-10 Twain Driver and Plug-in, Adobe® PhotoShop Plug-in, Olympus Pictra Album, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

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