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What are the main features of the LS-20M?

The LS-20M is a digital audio/video recorder that can record sound in the PCM and MP3 audio formats as well as HD video with sound. It can record in CD quality sound in the Linear PCM format up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz quality and record in HD video up to Full HD 1080P format. It can also be used as a web camera. It will accept SD cards up to 32 GB

It can record video in normal color and by using the Magic Filters, shoot in special effects such as Rock, Pop, Sketch and Pin Hole. The movie mode can apply electronic image stabilization and has a 4x digital zoom. It features two LCD screens. When recording video, the main LCD screen shows the view of the video and the sub LCD will display the sound levels.

The battery can be charged with the bundled charger or via a computer USB port. The microphone jack accepts accessory microphones that use a 3.5 mm plug or the jack can be assigned properties to be used as a Line In jack, so audio can be imported from a mixing board.

The LS-20M is a mass storage class USB device, so files can be downloaded to any computer that supports USB 2.0 without any software requirement.

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What type of memory cards does the LS-20M accept?

The LS-20M can accept SD and SDHC cards up to 32 GB. When shooting video, the cards must have a speed class of at least Class 6.

Memory cards should be formatted using the recorder's menu before use.

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What are the computer system requirements for the LS-20M?


Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2,3
Microsoft Windows Professional x64 Edition Service Pack 2
Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1,2 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (32bit/64bit)

32 bits (x86) of 1 GHz or above or 64 bits (x64) processor

512 MB or more

Hard drive space:
300 MB or more


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

1024 x 768 pixels or more, 65,536 colors or more (16,770,000 or more is recommended)

USB port:
One or more free ports


  • Audio device
  • Environment where the Internet can be utilized (Quick Time version 7.2® or above is recommended)


Operating System:
Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.8

PowerPC G5 or Intel Multicore Processor 1.5 GHz or above

512 MB or more

Hard drive space:
300 MB or more

Drive:CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM drive

Macintosh Safari 2.0 or later

1024 x 768 pixels or more, 32,000 colors or more (16,770,000 color or more is recommended).

USB port:
One or more free ports.


  • Audio device
  • Environment where the Internet can be utilized (Quick Time 7.2® or above is recommended)

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How much recording time is available in the LS-20M?

There are a number of factors that determine how much recording time is available when recording with the LS-20M. The potential capacity is dependent upon the size of the memory card being used (the recorder does not have built-in memory). The LS-20M can accept SD memory cards from 1 GB to 32 GB in capacity. The next factors that determine potential recording capacity are what format the recordings are made in. When recording audio, the higher quality Linear PCM and MP3 files will use up the memory faster, since the finer detail in the files creates more data when writing the files. The same is true when recording videos - the higher quality video creates more detailed data and therefore uses up the available memory at a faster rate.

When recording MP3 audio files or video files, once the file size has reached 4 GB, the recording will be stopped automatically and the file will be closed. If audio recording is being done in the Linear PCM audio format, once the file has reached 2 GB, the file will be closed and a new file will be begun automatically. Since the length of the recording is restricted by the file size, higher quality mode files will be shorter than files made using lower quality modes.

For details on capacities in the different recording formats, refer to the tables on pages 108 to 110 in the LS-20M manual by clicking here.

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What are the options for video quality when shooting in the Movie Mode?

You can set the image quality (resolution) of the movies you want to shoot. In the recorder's menu, the quality is set under the Image Quality function. Concurrently with the image quality, you can also set the sound quality. The table below shows the image quality options and the sound quality options associated with each image quality mode.

Image Quality Sound Quality
1920 x 1080 30fps PCM 96 kHz/24 bit to PCM 44.1/16 bit
1280 x 720 30fps PCM 96 kHz/24 bit to PCM 44.1 kHz/16bit
640 x 480 30fps MP3 320 kbps to MP3 256 kbps

It is recommended to set the resolution to 640 x 480 30fps and MP3 format when shooting movies to upload to video websites.

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How are the audio recording levels adjusted?

The LS-20M can be set up to automatically or manually adjust the recording levels through the Rec Level option in the recorder's menu.

In the Manual option, recording is performed by manually adjusting the recording level by using the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons and by observing the level meters on the LCD screen while the record mode is in standby (the Record button is blinking).

When adjusting the sound level manually, the Limiter can be set to ON so that the function can automatically adjust the input level when a loud sound is encountered to reduce sound distortion caused by "clipping."

In the Auto option, the recording is performed by automatically adjusting the recording level. If a loud sound is suddenly encountered, the Auto option automatically applies the Limiter function.

Using the Mic Sense menu option, the microphone sensitivity can be set to High or Low sensitivity.

By default, Mic Sense is initially set to Low and Rec Level is set to Manual/Limiter ON.

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What is the purpose of the Low Cut Filter?

The LS-20M has a Low Cut Filter function to minimize low frequency sounds and record voices more clearly. This function can reduce noise from air conditioners, projectors and other sounds commonly referred to as "white noise."

The Low Cut Filter options are:

  • Off - Disables the function.
  • 100Hz - This setting will reduce noise generated by air conditioners or projectors. It is effective for indoor recordings, such as in conference rooms.
  • 300Hz - Use this setting when sufficient effects cannot be obtained with the 100Hz setting.

Note: When the Input Jack setting is set to Line, the Low Cut Filter function is disabled.

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What is the purpose of the A-B Repeat button?

The A-B Repeat button enables repeated playback of part of a file being played. It is used to select the beginning of the segment (A) and the ending point (B). Once the length of the segment has been defined, the file can be played back repeatedly. The selected segment can be unlocked by pressing the A-B Repeat button again.

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What is the purpose of the Fn button?

When functions are registered in the Fn (Function) button, each time the Fn is pressed , it will open up the menu for the registered function. The menu options that can be registered are:

  • Off
  • RecMode
  • Rec Level
  • Play Mode
  • Equalizer
  • Property
  • Light
  • Image Quality
  • Reverse Angle Recording
  • Magic Movie
  • White Balance
  • Exposure Comp.

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Can files be edited in the LS-20M?

The LS-20M has two options for editing files in the recorder:

  • Partially erasing a file - Selected sections within a file can be erased.
  • Trimming files - Sections at the begining and/or end of a file can be erased.

Only files recorded by the LS-20M can edited in the recorder. Once sections have been erased they cannot be restored so make a copy of any important file. When a movie section is partially erased, the selected start and end positions of the erasure may be offset by up to one second. The available space on the SD card must be equivalant or greater than the size of the file to be partially erased.

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The LS-20M did not come with a battery charger. How is the battery charged?

The LS-20M is bundled with the F-3AC AC Adapter, which is used to charge the battery in the recorder via the USB port. The battery can also be charged from a computer's USB port via the USB cable that serves as the charging cable and download cable for transferring files to a computer. The computer must be on during charging via a USB port. Some ports (usually front ports) may not be able to supply sufficient power, therefore always try another port if you find this to be the case.

The AC Adapter cannot be used to power the recorder for operations other than charging since the USB port on the recorder must be dedicated to the charging process or to download files.

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When playing back video files on my computer, I can see the images but I cannot hear the sound. Why?

You may have to update Quick Time Player® to the latest version to be able to play higher quality PCM files. You may also have to update the sound card if the computer is an older model.

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When I play back my video files on my computer, the sound is not synchronized with the action and the motion of the video plays for a few seconds, freezes and then resumes play. Why?

You may have to update QuickTime Player® to the latest version. If the computer is an older model, you may have to get a newer, faster video card.

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