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C-3030 Zoom

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What is the difference between the C-3030 Zoom and the C-3000 Zoom?

The C-3030 Zoom has 32M of built-in SD-RAM allowing up to 3.3 fps in the sequence mode (the C-3000 Zoom has 16MB and allows up to 2 fps in sequence mode). The C-3030 also ships with Adobe® Photoshop LE™ and comes packaged with a 16MB SmartMedia™ Card.

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What is the purpose of the Extension Flash connector terminal?

You would use the Extension Flash connector terminal along with the optional flash bracket "FL-BK01" and bracket cable "FL-CB01" so that you can use the Olympus FL-40 dedicated flash. With the use of bracket cable "FL-CB04", you can use another brand extension flash.

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How do I connect an external flash to my C-3030 Zoom/C-3000 Zoom?

For external flash use with the C-3030 Zoom, you will need the appropriate flash cable and grip. Please use the following as a reference:

  • Exclusive Grip FL-BK01 - used to mount external flash to the C-3030/C-3000
  • Bracket Cable FL-CB01 - this cable is required for the dedicated FL-40 flash
  • PC Flash Cable FL-CB04 - this cable is required for any "other" external flash/strobe use that connects with PC sync cable

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Is sequential shooting possible with the C-3030 Zoom?

Yes, in the Sequence mode. The built-in SD-RAM with a large capacity of 32MB makes sequential shooting in high shutter speeds (about 3.3 fps) possible in all modes, except the TIFF mode.

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Is sequential shooting possible with the C-3000 Zoom?

Yes, in the Sequence mode. The built-in SD-RAM with a large capacity of 16MB makes sequential shooting in high shutter speeds (about 2 fps) possible in all modes, except the TIFF mode.

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Is sound recording available on the movie mode and on still images?

Yes, sound is recorded in the movie mode. You can also record sound during or after shooting a still picture. Sound playback is not possible directly through the camera.

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Which metering systems are used with the C-3030 Zoom?

The C-3030 Zoom has two metering systems: the Digital ESP metering system and the Spot metering system. In the Digital ESP metering system, the center and periphery of the picture composition are separately measured to select the optimal exposure. In the spot metering system, only the center is measured. Therefore, a darker subject can be taken with proper exposure without being affected by backlight, etc.

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Is manual focus available?

Yes. Manual focus is available in addition to auto focus. Manual focus can be set at any given distance between 0 to infinity divided into 160 steps at the maximum. After focus is confirmed on the LCD monitor, the shooting can be performed. The distance is indicated on the LCD only as a guide.

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What are "Black board" and "White board" effect shooting modes?

A monochromatic subject is taken in B/W colors. When "White board" is selected, letters written on the white board are clearly read on the taken picture. The same is for "Black board". If letters are not clearly taken selecting "White board" or "Black board", use the exposure compensation.

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How long do the batteries last in the C-3030 Zoom?

You will be able to shoot approximately 300-400 frames with the LB-01 Lithium batteries, under normal use. Battery life widely varies depending on the type of battery, manufacturer, camera use conditions, etc.

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When the Full-time AF mode is set to ON, the camera always operates in the AF mode. Why?

Full-time AF keeps the image on the LCD monitor focused at all times without having to press the shutter release button. Note the following:

  • Using full-time AF will drain the battery more quickly
  • Full-time AF is not available when the LCD monitor is turned off
  • For "Card set-up" or "Card cover alarm", the AF operation of the camera does not halt. Once resumed, the camera always puts the AF in action for immediate focusing

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Can settings remain, even after the power is turned OFF?

When "Set clear" is set to OFF on the camera, a desirable setting can continuously be held. Even if the power is turned OFF, it can be held before the setting is changed.

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Is it possible to output to a TV?

Yes. While making output on a TV monitor, the LCD monitor on the camera is turned OFF. Connect the A/V cable, supplied with the camera, to the A/V output connector on the camera and the input connector on the TV. Note: the camera has an NTSC signal if purchased in North America.

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How do you playback movie pictures or sound?

Movie pictures can be played back with the camera, but not sound. However, when the camera is connected to a TV, both movie pictures and sound can be played back. For playing back movie pictures or sound on a PC, the QuickTime™ 4 is required.

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Can a conversion lens be attached to the C-3030 Zoom/C-3000 Zoom?

A conversion lens should be attached using the conversion adapter CLA-1 (41mm-43mm, optional) and the step-up ring. However, the fish-eye conversion lens FCON-02 cannot be used.

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