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P-440 Photo Printer

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How is this printer different from the P-400?

  • Color LCD panel
  • Larger LCD panel
  • 8.0 megapixel
  • xD-Picture Card: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512MB; PCMCIA PC Type II Card
  • Allows printing of passport photographs
  • Decreased printing speed of A-4 prints, from 90 to 75 seconds (excluding data transmission.

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The ink ribbon for the P-400 will be discontinued. Will I be able to use the P-440 ribbon with my P-400?

Yes. The new ribbon will work on both printers. For future orders, select item 200861 P-RBW Ink Ribbon for P-440 series. Please be aware that the ribbon is slightly wider then the old ribbon, but it will still fit into the P-440 ribbon tray.

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What is the price per print?

The approximate cost per print is $1.90 cents.

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What interfaces are supported for connection to my computer?

The P-440 has a USB 1 port.

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What file types does the P-440 printer internal reader recognize?

DCF (JPEG/JFIF, EXIF, TIFF), JFIF, DPOF (select, number, trimming), EXIF1.1, EXIF2.2, PRINT Image Matching II.

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Why do my prints sometimes show small scratches on the output?

Thin surface line scratches on your prints are usually caused by dirt or dust on the printhead. Turn off the printer and allow the print head to cool for a few minutes. Then open the front cover. The print head is the orange and black strip on the back of the printer cover. Use an anti-static lint free cloth with a drop of alcohol on it to clean off any debris that may be present on the printer's thermal head.

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What type of paper and ribbon does the printer use?

Only Olympus P-440 specific paper and ribbon may be used. Paper size and type available are: A4 standard glossy paper (8.26" x 11.7"), A5 standard glossy paper (8.26" x 7.9"), A4 Post Card Perforation paper (for 2 postcards), A4 Standard Perforation paper (for 4 prints). The ribbon is sold separately and is capable of 50 sheet prints.

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How long does it take to make an A4 size print?

Printing time is approximately 75 seconds. This does not include the time to spool and transmit the data to the printer.

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I would like to print directly from the printer without use of a printer or camera or computer, what kind of media will the printer accept?

  • The printer will accept xD-Picture cards and PC cards.
  • The xD-Picture cards can be any size from 16-256MB.
  • The PC card slot is for inserting Type II PC cards complying with PC standard ATA specifications (PCMCIA). PC cards are used when printing SmartMedia, CompactFlash or Memory Stick data.
  • Olympus does not manufacture or include a PC Card adapter for Compact Flash, SmartMedia or Memory Stick.

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What are the computer operating system requirements?

Windows 98/ME (Pentium CPU or later), Windows 2000/XP (Pentium CPU or later; stand-alone PC only), Macintosh OS 8.6 - OS 9.2 (New Power Mac G3/G4, iMac, iBook, PowerBook G4), Mac OS X.

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What is "DPOF" and how does it work?

DPOF stands for Digital Print Order Form. It is a format for digital printing using removable media. The format specifies which frames are to be printed, the number of prints, print size, index print, date and time, title and text entered, trimming, rotation and user information. DPOF creates a file, independent from the image files, named Autprint.mrk on a memory medium. DPOF compatible home printers and photo finishing print systems would automatically print the digital images based on the DPOF file information on the media.

The P-440 is compatible with DPOF specifications. Image selection, quantity, trimming, and date/time imprint can be designated. When an xD-Picture Card or PC card is inserted into the printer, DPOF information is read from the media and image selection is performed automatically. You also have an option to cancel DPOF information.

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How do I reset the settings on the P-440 Printer?

You would use the following procedure:

1. Turn the Mode Dial to “Setup”
2. Press the down arrow button to select “All Clear”
3. Press the right arrow button to select “Yes”
4. Press “OK”

The P-440 is now set to factory default settings.

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