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  • Compatibility Key Compatible - Not Compatible
    Compatible using with card adapter. U Upgradeable
    * Firmware requires updating prior to use with H Type media.
    M - denotes Type M series which include M256 MB, M512 MB, M1 GB and M2 GB
    M+ - denotes Type M+ series which include M+1 GB and M+2 GB
    H - denotes Type H series which include H256 MB, H512 MB, and H1 GB
    D - The firmware update for this camera is no longer available.
    Total Imaging Solutions
    Model 16 MB 32 MB 64 MB 128 MB 256 MB M256 MB
    H256 MB
    512 MB M512 MB
    H512 MB
    M1 GB
    M+1 GB
    H1 GB
    M2 GB
    M+2 GB