Expand Your Creativity With Art Filters
Expand Your Creativity With Art Filters
Art Filter Examples
  • E-PL1
Art Filter Comparison Pop Art

Pop Art super-saturates colors, creating brighter, more vivid photographs.

Art Filter Comparison Soft Focus

Soft Focus creates a dreamlike quality giving photographs a surreal look.

Art Filter Comparison Grainy Film

Grainy Film produces a gritty black-and-white film quality.

Art Filter Comparison Pin Hole

Pin Hole darkens the outer edges of a photograph, therefore enhancing the subject in the center and bringing the photograph to life.

Art Filter Comparison Diorama

The Diorama art filter gives users a miniature model photo feeling by narrowing the depth of focus and enhancing color and contrast.

Art Filter Comparison Gentle Sepia

Gentle Sepia gives your images and videos a soft, warm sepia cast similar to historical images from the early days of photography. The sepia tones are softer and the blacks are a true black, unlike traditional sepia images.

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