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Expand Your Creativity With Art Filters - Art Filter Examples
Expand Your Creativity With Art Filters - Art Filter Examples

Art Filter Examples

Art Filters allow you to control various creative effects, transforming your photography into works of art. The best thing about Art Filters is that they are built right into the camera. With most other cameras, you would need to generate these effects on a computer with post-processing software. Another great benefit of in-camera Art Filters is that you can preview these effects on your camera's large Live View LCD even before you take the shot.

How to Set and Use the Art Filters: Art Filter Setting Dial
  1. Set the mode dial to ART/SCN
  2. Use Up and Down Buttons to scroll through and select your desired Art Filter
  3. Press ok to select Art Filter
  4. Begin Shooting

Art Filer Examples

When the mode dial is set to Art Filter, using the right/left navigation keys on the back of the camera will shift the display from Art Filter to Scene Modes.

Camera Menus

While shooting, to re-enter the Art Filter Menu, simply press the OK button.

Manual Adjustments Art Filter Examples

The effects of each Art Filter are fixed; however, you can adjust a few aspects of the exposure such as:

  • Exposure Compensation
  • Flash Intensity Adjustment
  • White Balance
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Program Shift
  • ISO

The following settings are NOT adjustable while shooting with an Art Filter: Exposure Mode (only P is available), Picture Mode (Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation), Gradation, Shading Compensation, Color Space, Bracketing, Metering Mode and Multiple Exposure.

Art Filter Examples:

Select your camera model to see examples of the available Art Filter modes:

E-30 E-620 E-450 E-P1 E-P2 E-PL1
Keep it RAW for Art Filter Flexibility:

If the camera is set to capture the image in JPEG, it will capture the image in JPEG only (with the art filter applied).

If the camera is set to RAW+JPEG, however, only the JPEG image is processed with the Art Filteróthe RAW file remains a normal RAW file so that the original image is preserved.

Didnít use an Art Filter? RAW files from Olympus E-System cameras that have the Art Filters feature can also be processed with Art Filters in Olympus Master 2 Ė even if you didnít apply the Art Filter when you first took the shot!