Environmental Principals

In August 1992*, the Olympus Group established its Environmental Principles to articulate basic positions on environmental issues and to set ambitious environmental protection goals. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are based upon these principles.

The Olympus Group, respecting nature and the health and safety of mankind, has resolved through its technological development and adoption of ecologically compatible business practices to contribute to the reestablishment of a healthy environment and a society in which sustainable development is possible.

In all business activities, the Olympus Group will give priority to environmental protection and will apply itself with dedication to this task both on an organizational and individual basis.

*The Olympus Group revised its Environmental Principles in October 2005.

Read the Olympus Environmental Policy.
1. Technology Development
We will develop products, services and production technologies with a careful and conscientious regard for safety and environmental protection. Furthermore, we will make the results of such developments available to all interested stakeholders.

2. Drawing up Norms and Assessing Results
We will take the initiative in setting up our own pioneering standards and norms. We will assess the environmental impact at each stage of our operations, through development, production and sales, to realize continuous improvements.

3. Protection of Natural Resources & Prevention of Pollution
We will make a united effort to conserve natural resources and save energy. At the same time, we will push forward with activities based on the effective use of recycling waste, and endeavor to reduce environmental loads and prevent pollution.

4. Compliance & Activity Support
We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and cooperate with environmental measures recommended by government bodies. We will actively participate in environmental protection activities being carried out by regional and international communities.

5. Education & Total Staff Participation
We will publicize and engage in other activities with the purpose of informing all Olympus staff of the need for environmental protection. We will encourage each and every staff member to increase his or her understanding of environmental protection activities at home, at work, and in the community.

6. Structure to Promote Activities
Under our Chief Compliance Officer, we will make clear our responsibility to promote environmental protection. We will establish a structure through which we can take appropriate measures to deal with changes as they occur inside and outside Olympus.

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