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Cost Per Procedure® Financing
Just as every patient chart is unique, so is every organization's financial situation. That's why Olympus financial solutions, like our CPP®, were designed to provide the most flexible form of financing available. Usage-based CPP® fulfills the specific requirements of hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician practices. CPP® provides the financial empowerment necessary to control cash flow and address reimbursement pressures. CPP® enables you to acquire the Olympus equipment, supplies and services you need...NOW!

A True Usage-Based Program
CPP®, like most Olympus financial solutions, is characterized by the ability to match revenues and expenses on a procedural basis. The direct outcome is your ability to cap costs thereby identifying margin levels. Payments are made while you generate income, facilitating positive cash flow and enabling you to maintain a predictable margin. Also, in most cases, payments may be considered operating expenses for tax purposes, and there may be no impact on your capital budgets.

CPP® Financing in Motion
As a healthcare solutions provider, Olympus Financial Services® helps you to identify, evaluate and prioritize your requirements. This strategic evaluation becomes the basis of the financing program that will work best for your organization. Moreover, monthly payments align with your procedure volume for optimum margin predictability.

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