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What are my obligations?
There are only a few simple guidelines to follow under the Cost Per Reportable agreement: 1) Submit your reagent consumption report on a monthly basis; 2) Perform analyzer maintenance according to the outlined Olympus protocols; 3) Provide reagent and consumable inventories; 4) Achieve the recommended level of efficiency.

Is there a monthly minimum payment?
Yes. Monthly minimum payment is based on CPR selected options.
Minimum monthly payment allows for predictable monthly expenditures.

Can equipment be added or upgraded?
Yes. Original contract can be amended to allow for the addition of analyzers as your workload increases. Software upgrades to your analyzer are available at no cost.

What are my options at the end of the CPR agreement?
Once your CPR agreement has concluded, you will have the option of purchasing a new one, upgrading to a higher CPR alternative, or extending the length of the recently expired agreement.


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