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Turnkey Project Financing
Turnkey Project Financing from Olympus enables you to avoid the inefficiencies of multiple source financing by providing a single resource that can fulfill all your financial requirements...including working capital needs. This gives you the financial empowerment necessary to construct a new facility, expand a wing or department and procure all equipment and furnishings.

Some costs that can be included are:

  • Design and construction
  • Medical equipment
  • Customary fees
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Computer systems
  • Working capital
No Payments Due Until Procedures are Performed
A key feature of Olympus Turnkey Project Financing is that your payments can be made using our Cost Per Procedure® (CPP) plan. With CPP® your payments are based on procedures performed and thereby cap your costs. Payments are made as you generate income, facilitating cash flow and enabling you to maintain a predictable procedure margin.

Moving Ahead
Fast response to your financing needs is a hallmark of our financial services team. Upon receipt of the necessary initial information, Olympus Financial Services® will prepare a preliminary financing proposal for your review. After the proposal has been finalized, and an agreement is executed, your financing needs are immediately satisfied. The entire process is designed to help you get your Turnkey project underway fast.


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