Laryngology Series

Olympus offers a range of products for ENT in both the office and OR. Olympus constantly innovates as it strives to develop the best quality flexible and rigid endoscopes. With the addition of Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), the laryngologist has the opportunity to have the best possible image of the vocal fold area for diagnostics.

  • Laryngoscopy

    In the world of Laryngoscopy, Olympus has a wide range of specialized nasopharyngoscopes, as well as rigid laryngoscopes. The quality of the image is and has always been the prime focus of the company. Olympus has specialized the range of Rhino Laryngoscopes beyond fiber and beyond standard definition. Olympus now offers a full range of video scopes to complement the fiber scopes. The latest innovation is the HD flexible video scope.

  • Stroboscopy

    At the 2011 Academy meeting Olympus launched their first stroboscopy system, providing a full solution for ENT. The LED based stroboscope is engineered by Olympus and is now available for sale.

  • Direct Laryngoscopy

    Olympus offers a full line of surgical instruments, scopes, and equipment for the OR, in addition to its well known office products.

  • Vocal Fold Medialization

    The implants used in vocal fold medialization have been restoring voices for numerous years.

  • diego PK Tonsil and Adenoid
  • Otoendoscopes and InstrumentsPosiSep X
  • Rod Lens Sinus ScopesCelon Probreath and diego PKSMR