PlasmaCision TA2 tips utilize advanced proprietary RF surgical technology to cut and coagulate precisely, cleanly, and safely. Using a proprietary bipolar RF output and a unique instrument design, PlasmaCision gently divides tissue with selectable thermal margin control, providing the conditions needed for less pain and quicker healing.

G3 RF Workstation

The G3 RF Workstation forms a versatile platform for Head and Neck surgery. The G3 RF generator will automatically configure itself for the PlasmaCision® (PC) operation dependent on the accessory attached.

universal PlasmaCision® handpiece (uPC)

Fully autoclavable, the universal Plasmacision handpiece will automatically signal the G3 to set a default cut and coagulation setting dependent on what PlasmaCision tip is inserted.

TA2 - 7cm

bipolar radio frequency tip indicated for tonsillecotmy and adenoidectomy. Tip is available in 10cm and 7cm.


bipolar radiof requency tip indicated for tonsillectomy and parotidectomy. The 7cm tip is hooked to allow for precise cutting at the tip (concave side) and broad coagulation on the back (convex side).


bipolar radio frequency tip indicated for UPPP, parotidectomy, radical and modified neck dissection.

  • diego PK Tonsil and Adenoid
  • Otoendoscopes and InstrumentsPosiSep X
  • Rod Lens Sinus ScopesCelon Probreath and diego PKSMR