Olympus offers a wide variety of prosthetic implants for stapedotomy and stapedectomy procedures. These implants range from the innovative Smart Piston which uses Nitinol shape memory metal alloy, to the Classic Bucket Handle Stapes Prosthesis, which is constructed out of titanium.

Smart® 360° Piston

The Smart 360° Piston is a completely encircling piston loop containing heat activated Nitinol. Since Nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy) "self-fashions" with heat, the crimping maneuver is dramatically simplified.

Classic Stapes Bucket Handle Prosthesis

The Classic Bucket Handle Prosthesis is constructed out of Titanium with a patented Micron finish, which not only smoothes the surface to reduce the potential for extrusion due to sharp angles, but it also "dulls" the surface to reduce glare. Titanium is thought to provide excellent sound conduction even at higher frequencies because of its small mass.

Richards Platinum Fluoroplastic Pistons

The Richards Platinum Fluoroplastic Piston comes in a wide variety of functional Lengths to best meet the specific needs of each patient and utilizes a highly biocompatible, easily-crimped platinum loop for ease of attachment around the Incus.

OtoMimix Bone Cement

Made of hydroxylapatite, one of the most bio-compatible materials for implant use, this bone cement can be used to provide additional stability to Stapes prostheses at the Incus.

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