SZX7 Zoom Stereo Microscope

In operation and optical performance, the SZX7 is designed for ease of use and working comfort in every task, from routine preparations to advanced research. Its Galilean optical system, previously restricted to more specialized microscopes, offers one of the best zoom ratios in its class as well as outstanding image clarity, true color and accurate reproduction of the original specimen in crisp, well-defined detail. System modularity and abundant accessories also ensure quick and easy system adaptation for specimens of any type and size.
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  • Reflected light fluorescence unit - three fluorescence filter cubes can be mounted into a 4-position slider. A 100W mercury lamphouse* is available.
  • Filter sets optimized for GFP/YFP wavelengths have high transmission rates (90% to 95%) and sharp cutoffs for efficient detection of even weak fluorescence.
  • Observation tubes: Tilting binocular (5° to 45°); trinocular (30°).
  • Multiple illumination sources ensure the right light for every task: LED illumination stand; transmitted illumination attachment; and brightfield/darkfield transmitted light illuminator. Also available is a high-level transmitted light illuminator with an adjustable slit aperture for oblique illumination that provides high and low contrast to give clear, effective illumination.
  • Various fiber light guide systems are available: flexible light guide; interlock dual light guide; ring light guide; coaxial reflected light illuminator.
  • Universal boom stands.
  • Dual viewing observation tube (side-by-side).



  • The DFPLAPO1X-4 objective lens provides maximum optical performance in this class, with Plan Apochromat correction and N.A. of 0.10.
  • A wide range of objectives are offered from the SZX-ACH1X (90mm W.D.) to the DFPL0.5X-4 (171mm W.D.).

* Lamp contains mercury. Dispose according to local, state or Federal laws. Click here for important information.
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