FluoView 1200 Confocal Microscope

Optimized for Imaging Live Cells and Tissues, FV1200 brings sensitivity and power to your research through a range of innovative technology and sensitivity improvements, allowing you to capture the most critical elements of your biological samples with speed, precision and reliability.

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FV1200 Specifications

Spectral type fluorescence detector Filter type fluorescence detector
Laser light Ultraviolet/Visible light laser LD laser: 405nm: 50mW, 440nm: 25mW, 473nm: 15mW, 559nm: 15mW, 635mW, 20mW
Multiline Argon laser (457nm, 488nm, 515nm, Total 30mW), HeNe(G) laser (543nm, 1mW)
AOTF laser combiner Visible light laser platform with implemented AOTF system, Ultra-fast intensity modulation with individual laser lines, additional shutter control
Continuously variable (0.1% - 100%, 0.1% increment), REX: Capable of laser intensity adjustment and laser wavelength selection for each region.
Fiber Broadband type (400nm-650nm)
Scanning and Detection Scanner module

Standard 3 laser ports, VIS - UV - IR Excitation dichromatic mirror turret, 6 position (High performance DMs and 20/80 half mirror), Dual galvanometer mirror scanner (X, Y).  Anti-oxidization silver coating ensures durability and improves reflection efficiency in both excitation and emission with the set of two galvanometer scanning mirrors, increasing the reflectance in the visible range by 5-15%, and IR reflectance up to 22%.
Motorized optical port for fluorescence illumination and optional module adaptation, Adaptation to microscope fluorescence condenser

Detector module Standard 3 confocal Channels (3 photomultiplier detectors). Special selection of GaAsP PMT detectors offers high sensitivity with up to 45% quantum efficiency (QE). The combination of GaAsP PMT for high sensitivity and standard multi-alkali PMTs for high dynamic range offers the user experimental flexibility across a wide spectral range. Additional optional output port light path available for optional units 6 position beamsplitter turrets with CH1 and CH2 CH1 and CH2 equipped with independent grating and slit for fast and flexible spectral detection Selectable wavelength bandwidth: 1-100nm Wavelength resolution: 2nm. Wavelength switching speed: 100nm/msec CH3 with 6 position barrier filter turret. Standard 3 confocal Channels (3 photomultiplier detectors) Additional optional output port light path available for optional units 6 position beamsplitter turrets with CH1 and CH2 CH1 to CH3 each with 6 position barrier filter turret (High performance filters).
Filters High performance sputtered filters, dichromatic mirrors and barrier filters.
Scanning method 2 galvanometer scanning mirrors
Scanning modes Pixel size: 64 x 64 - 4096 x 4096
Scanning speed: 512 x 512 (1.1 sec., 1.6 sec., 2.7 sec., 3.3 sec., 3.9 sec., 5.9 sec., 11.3 sec., 27.4 sec., 54.0 sec.) 256 x 256 bidirectional scanning (0.064 sec., 0.129 sec.)
0.5 or 1 microsec dwell time per point for fast bidrectional scanning
X,Y,T,Z,λ Line scanning: Straight line with free orientation, free line, Point scanning. X,Y,T,Z Line scanning: Straight line with free orientation, free line, Point scanning
Photo detection method 2 detection modes: Analog integration and hybrid photon counting
Pinhole Single motorized pinhole
pinhole diameter ø50 - 300μm (0.5μm step)
Single motorized pinhole
pinhole diameter ø50 - 800μm (0.5μm step)
Field Number (NA) 18
Optical Zoom 1x - 50x in 0.1x increment
Z-drive Integrated motorized focus module of the microscope, minimum increment 0.01μm or 10 nm
Transmitted light detector unit Module with integrated external transmitted light photomultiplier detector and 100W Halogen lamp, motorized switching, fiber adaptation to microscope frame.
Microscope Motorized microscope Inverted IX81 or IX83, Upright BX61, Upright focusing nosepiece & fixed stage BX61WI
Fluorescence illumination unit External fluorescence light source with motorized shutter, fiber adaptation to optical port of scan unit
Motorized switching between LSM light path and fluorescence illumination
System Control PC PC-AT compatible, OS: Windows 7 Professional (English version), Memory: 4GB or larger, CPU:XEON 3.6GHz or higher, Hard disk: 1TB or larger, Media: Blue Ray, FV1000 Special I/F board (built-in PC), Graphic board: QUADRO 600 ATX
Power Supply Unit Galvo control boards, scanning mirrors and gratings, Real time controller Galvo control boards, scanning mirrors
Monitor Monitor: SXGA 1280X1024, dual 19 inch or larger monitors
Optional unit SIM Scanner 2 galvanometer scanning mirrors, pupil projection lens, built-in laser shutter, 1 laser port Fiber introduction of near UV diode laser or visible light laser, Optional: 2nd AOTF laser combiner
TIRFM unit Available laser: 405~633nm. Motorized penetration ratio adjustment. Automatic optical setting for TIRFM objectives.
4th CH detector

Module with photomultiplier detector, barrier filter turret, beamsplitter turret mounted with 3rd CH light path.
Special selection of GaAsP PMT detectors offer high sensitivity with up to 45% quantum efficiency (QE). Olympus has implemented Peltier cooling technology on the GaAsP detectors, resulting in improved signal to noise ratio.

Fiber port for fluorescence Output port equipped with FC fiber connector (compatible fiber core 100 -125μm)
Software Display Dual monitor display
Optional Hardware SIM scanner unit, 4ch detector. Fiber port
Image format OIB/OIF image format 8/16 bit gray scale/index color, 24/32/48 bit color, JPEG/BMP/TIFF/AVI/MOV image functions Olympus multi-tif format
Image acquisition Region designation: point, line, free line, clip, clip zoom Real-time image calculation: Kalman filtering, photon counting mode
2-dimension: XY, XZ, XT and Xλ 3-dimension: XYZ, XYT, XYλ, XZT, XTλ and XZλ 4-dimension: XYZT, XZTλ and XYTλ
Image pixel format 64 x 64 - 4096 x 4096
Programmable Time Controller function Time Controller function
Image display Each image display: Single-channel side-by-side, merge, cropping, live tiling, live tile, series (Z/T/λ), LUT: individual color setting, pseudo-color, comment: graphic and text input
3D visualization and observation Interactive volume rendering Free orientation of cross section display 3D animation, left/right stereo pairs, red/green stereoscopic images and cross section 3D and 2D sequential operation function
Spectral unmixing 2 Fluorescence spectral unmixing modes (normal and blind mode)
Image processing Individual filter: average, low-pass, Sobel, Median, *Prewitt, 2D Laplacian, edge enhancement etc. Calculations: inter-image, mathematical and logical, DIC background leveling
Image analysis Fluorescence intensity, area and perimeter measurement, time-lapse measurement
Statistical processing 2D data histogram display, colocalization
Others (options) Off-line review station software

Objectives for BX and IX (using U-UCD8A, IX-LWUCDA and U-DICTS)

Description NA W.D. Cover glass thickness Immersion Correction ring Condenser for BX U-UCD8A optical element Condenser for IX IX-LWUCDA optical element U-DICTS position
UPLSAPO 4x 0.16 13 -
UPLSAPO 10x 0.40 3.1 0.17 U-DIC10 IX2-DIC10 normal
UPLSAPO 10xO3 0.40 0.24 0.17 Oil U-DP10 IX-DP10 normal
UPLSAPO 10xW3 0.40 0.43 0.17 Water U-DP10 IX-DP10 normal
UPLSAPO 20x 0.75 0.6 0.17 U-DIC20 IX2-DIC20 normal
UPLSAPO 20xO 0.85 0.17 - Oil U-DIC20 IX2-DIC20 normal
UPLSAPO 40x 0.90 0.2 0.11-0.23 O U-DIC40 IX2-DIC40 normal
UPLSAPO 40xO 1.30 0.2 0.17 Oil U-DIC40 IX2-DIC40 BFP1
PLAPON 60xOTIRFM 1.45 0.10 0.17 Oil U-DIC60 IX2-DIC60 BFP1
UPLSAPO 60xO 1.35 0.15 0.17 Oil U-DIC60 IX2-DIC60 BFP1
UPLSAPO 60xW 1.20 0.28 0.15-0.2 Water O U-DIC60 IX2-DIC60 normal
UPLSAPO 100xO 1.40 0.12 0.17 Oil U-DIC100 IX2-DIC100 normal

Objectives for fixed stage upright microscopes (using WI-UCD, WI-DICTHRA)

Objective NA W.D. DIC prism Revolving nosepiece
MplanN5x 0.10 20.0 - WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
UMPlanFl10xW 0.30 3.30 U-LDPW10H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
UMPlanFl20xW 0.50 3.30 U-LDPW20H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
LUMPlanFl40xW 0.80 3.30 U-LDPW40H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
LUMPlanFl60xW 0.90 2.00 U-LDPW60H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
LUMPlanFl40xW/IR2 0.80 3.30 U-LDPW40H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
LUMPlanFl60xW/IR2 0.90 2.00 U-LDPW60H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
LUMPlanFl100xW 1.00 1.50 U-LDPW60H WI-SSNP, WI-SRE2
XLUMPlanFl20xW 0.95* 2.00 U-LDPXLU20HR WI-SNPXLU

* Note: These conditions are not met in confocal microscopy

Dimensions, weight and power consumption

Dimensions(mm) Weight (kg) Power consumption
Microscope withScan unit BX system: 320(W) x 580(D) x 565(H) 41
IX system: 350(W) x 750(D) x 640(H) 59
Fluorescence illumination unit Lamp: 180(W) x 320(D) x 235(H) 6.7 100-240V 50/60 Hz 1.6A
Power supply: 90(W) x 270(D) x 180(H) 3.0
Transmitted light detection unit 170(W) x 330(D) x 130(H) 5.9
Microscope control unit 125(W) x 332(D) x 216(H) 5.2 AC 100-120/220-240V 50/60 Hz 3.5A/1.5A
FV Power Supply unit 180(W) x 328(D) x 424(H) 7.5 AC 100-120/220-240V 50/60 Hz 4.0A/2.0 A
FV Control unit (PC) 136(W) x 380(D) x 329(H) 8.5 AC 100/240 V 50/60 Hz 600 W
Display 19 inch, due (value per monitor) 363(W) x 216(D) x 389.5-589.5(H) 5.9 AC 100-120/200-240 V 50/60 Hz 0.65 A/0.4 A
29.7 inch 694 (W) x 276 (D) x 489–589 (H) 13.0 AC 100-240 V 50/60Hz 2.0 A
Power supply unit for laser combiner 210(W) x 300(D) X 100(H) 4.0 AC 100-120/200-240 V 50/60 Hz 2.0 A/1.0 A
Laser combiner (with Laser heads) 514(W) x 504(D) x 236(H) 45
Laser combiner (without Ar laser heads) 514(W) x 364(D) x 236(H) 40
LD559 laser power supply 200(W) x 330(D) x 52(H) 1.2 AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 30 W
Multi Ar laser Power Supply 162(W) x 287(D) x 91(H) 4.4 AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 20 A
HeNe G laser Power Supply 130(W) x 224(D) x 62(H) 1.8 AC 100-120 V 50/60 Hz 0.45 A

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