Spinning Disk Confocal

The Olympus DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) represents a breakthrough in spinning disk confocal technology. The DSU disk contains a pattern of slits that creates a virtual pinhole as the disk spins at 3,000 rpm. Designed to optimize the tradeoff between confocality and light throughput, the DSU uses an arc lamp illumination source for maximum excitation wavelength flexibility at a reasonable cost.
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Spinning Disk Confocal Specifications

Confocal scan method Disc rotation method
Maximum scan speed Image acquisition less than 33msec/frame
Camera Recommended camera: CoolSNAP HQ, Orca® ER
Excitation wavelength 350nm - 700nm.
Wavelengths of less than 430nm at naked eye observation and DSU observation may reduce the confocal effects.
Fluorescence wavelength
at observation
At less than 450nm, use our HQ filter for observation
Observation mode Exchange between confocal and non-confocal modes can be performed through the software
ND filter for excitation An ND filter will be inserted automatically at the exchange of confocal and non-confocal modes
Electromagnetic shutter
for excitation
Can be controlled through the software
Microscope attachment Intermediate attachment method (other cameras can be mounted on C-mount intermediate attachment)
and humidity
10°C - 35°C, 30 - 80%
Power Provided through microscope controller

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