IX51 Inverted Microscope

The IX51 inverted microscope addresses the observation and imaging needs from clinical applications to high-level laboratory research. A modular design and excellent optical system serve tasks from cell culture observation to advanced fluorescence techniques allowing the IX51 to firmly set the base for a microscope at outstanding value.
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Dual Camera Adapter: Attached to the left side port and allows the attachment of two cameras. Accepts user-specified dichromatic mirrors for chromatically separated simultaneous imaging.

Dual Viewing Attachment: Designed for instruction and/or discussion. Includes an illuminated arrow pointer with joystick control to aid communication. Observation heads are separated by twenty-five inches.


  • Digital Cameras
  • Imaging Systems
  • IVF Workstation
  • Olympus Relief Contrast Condenser
  • CO2 Incubators and Heated Stages
  • Culture/Perfusion Chamber
  • Narishige® Manipulators
  • Chroma Technology®, Omega Optical® and Semrock® fluorescence filter sets
  • ASI, Ludl® and Prior® Scanning Stage
  • Olympus Motorized Shutters, Filter Wheels, and other motorized accessories
  • Uniblitz® Shutter
  • Lumen Dynamics X-Cite® 120 Metal Halide Illumination System* - the X-Cite 120 system utilizes a pre-centered lamp in combination with a liquid light guide coupling to the microscope. The unit can be used for transmitted or reflected light and is especially well suited for FITC and Rhodamine fluorescence applications.
  • U-HGLGPS® Fluorescence Illumination Source


  • Compatible with the entire range of new UIS2 objectives
  • New LUCPLFLN objectives feature a "focus-free" correction collar mechanism that maintains objective focus while correcting for differing vessel thicknesses. Available in brightfield/DIC, phase and Relief Contrast versions
  • LUCPLFLN objectives have excellent transmission efficiency
  • Universal 6.4mm Super Long Working Distance objective SLCPLFL 40x/0.55 adjusts to all petri dishes, glass or plastic vessels
  • Newly designed Universal Apochromats (U-APON) achieve the highest efficiency for fluorescence observation within the Olympus line of objectives

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X-Cite® is a registered trademark of Lumen Dynamics Group Inc.

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