BXFM Focusing Module

Two focusing units are available for combination with the BXFM Olympus microscope system. The BXFM-S unit can be combined with a compact reflected light brightfield illuminator (U-KMAS) with a depth of only 290mm from the optical axis to the rear of the lamp housing. The BXFM unit accommodates all reflected light brightfield/darkfield and fluorescence illuminators. Fiber illumination, with the option of external control, can be used with both models.

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The focus drive easily installs even into complex systems due to its compact design and convenient mounting surface. The unit offers a 30mm torque-adjustable coarse and fine focus stroke with 2-micron gradation.

With space saving design three types of illuminators address high optical performance for brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, polarized light and fluorescence observation. The illuminator "U-KMAS" keeps the depth to the rear of the 100W halogen lamp housing at only 290mm. An external power supply allows remote control of light intensity and power On/Off via an external signal. An optional fiber optic light source stretches versatility even further.

Several revolving nosepieces, manual and motorized, are available to choose from. A unique, patented 2-position motorized nosepiece makes automated objective change especially cost-effective.

The Olympus "Universal Infinity System" complements the product with a wide choice of long working distance, standard and ultra high magnification objectives, ensuring efficient inspection of all kinds of samples.

Near infrared observation is available with the new 5x to 100x IR-objectives, aberration corrected from the visible to near infrared light. Combined with a special IR imaging tube, high-quality near-infrared images are observed.

A wide choice of accessories expands versatility for observation and image recording. The trinocular attachment enables the use of the Olympus digital cameras such as the DP72 model while tube lens units for standard and super wide field imaging allow the simplest possible adaptation of digital cameras or other sensors where binocular observation is not needed.

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