BXFM Focusing Module

Two focusing units are available for combination with the BXFM Olympus microscope system. The BXFM-S unit can be combined with a compact reflected light brightfield illuminator (U-KMAS) with a depth of only 290mm from the optical axis to the rear of the lamp housing. The BXFM unit accommodates all reflected light brightfield/darkfield and fluorescence illuminators. Fiber illumination, with the option of external control, can be used with both models.

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BXFM Focusing Module Specifications

Optical System UIS2 optical system
Objectives UIS2 objectives
Objectives UIS2 objectives
Eyepieces UIS2 eyepieces
Observation Tubes UIS2 observation tubes
Revolving Nosepieces UIS2 revolving nosepieces
Microscope Frame Stroke 30mm, rotation of fine focus knob: 200µm, minimum adjustment gradation: 2µm, with torque adjustment for coarse knob
Illuminators BX-RLA2:
100W halogen, etc.
fluorescence illuminator
100W halogen
fiber illumination

* Lamp contains mercury. Dispose according to local, state or Federal laws. Click here for important information.

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