visiopharm Histoinformatics Software

With novel image segmentation and stereology techniques. Visiopharm incorporates automation and integrated data management for whole slide image analysis and stereology. It offers application specific tools for a variety of fields including oncology, respiratory research, neuroscience and skeletal research. Available in a deployed version, or as pay-as-you-go Cloud software, Visiopharm is setting new standards in quantitative microscopy.
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All you need is a fast internet connection

Log on and get immediate access to the latest version of all Visiopharm''''s image analysis and stereology tools through a Cloud account. Analysis can be performed on slides uploaded to the cloud or on images located on your client computer or server.

Leading Whole Slide Analysis technology

Quantitative Image Analysis software from Visiopharm is designed for pathologists and life-science researchers in general. Image analysis protocols are built from graphical user interfaces; there is no need for programming experience or an extensive training program.

Novel pattern-recognition technology is the analysis engine, which is controlled through a simple user-interface, allowing researchers to build their own analysis protocols, or simply load and run APPs from the Visiopharm APPCenter. All tools have been developed with focus on optimizing efficiency and processing speed.

Whole Slide Stereology - fast, efficient and reliable

Whole Slide Stereology combines the benefits of whole slide imaging and stereology. The stereological analysis is several orders of magnitudes faster and more cost-effective compared to a microscope-based system. Visiopharm Whole Slide Stereology works with both brightfield and fluorescence.

The entire workflow is more efficient, overview images are generated instantly, regions-of-interest can be outlined automatically, images are intrinsically calibrated and in focus, which all result in a significant reduction in work hours. This enables laboratories with a need for high through-put analysis to apply stereological techniques.

Worldwide access from anywhere, anytime

The ability to log on from anywhere makes it easy to work with Cloud Image Analysis and Stereology. This also facilitates international collaboration, making it easy to obtain expert reviews, perform quality control of projects, or gain consensus of results. Make conclusions or even work on projects while travelling. Cloud Analysis is:

  • Platform independent
  • Secure authentication
  • Fast & efficient

Low upfront costs and low risk: Pay-as-you-go

  • Try solutions free of charge before buying
  • Easy to budget, predictable costs, costs scaled to usage
  • Complimentary data back-up
  • Data safety with RAID 5 technology
  • Reliable with a guaranteed SLA (service level agreement) of 99.8%

Powered by cutting-edge technology

Application virtualization is not a web application; it combines web application and remote desktop technology to provide superior Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Application virtualization provides significant technical advantages including:

  • Users benefit from the full sophistication of a client application GUI
  • Users are not limited by their platform and hardware infrastructure
  • Application virtualization does not require specific client/server communication
  • Eliminates client IT installation, support, and maintenance issue
  • Does not require installation of Java, Flash, etc.

-Visiopharm products are not for clinical diagnostic use in the U.S.

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