FSX100 Bio Imaging Navigator

The Olympus FSX100 Bio Imaging Navigator all-in-one microscope system: a compact, innovative fluorescence and brightfield microscope and camera system that allows you to capture high quality microscope images with load-and-go simplicity, just by following the intuitive workflow displayed on the screen.
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1065 Sample Image 1


User-friendly operation

Observe your specimen and snap microscope images simply by following the stepwise workflow.

Intuitive, stepwise workflow and interface

  • A tab-designed user interface allows even first-time users to capture images by following the simple navigation instructions.
  • All operations on the FSX100 are driven through the PC. No more microscope manipulation to move your specimen or to focus. Snap an image just by clicking the mouse.

Automation for ease-of-use and reproducibility

  • High-performance autofocus.
  • Auto exposure and manual exposure settings.
  • Macro and captured images are saved automatically.
  • Multichannel, multicolor overlay in fluorescence mode. Preview the image before snapping using Direct Overlay.
  • Save and recall image acquisition and user profile settings for reproducibility and specimen comparisons.

The standard software allows you to easily view and edit snapped images. Quickly identify and retrieve images with the library management system. Create presentation and documentation files with the easy-to-use editing functions.

Space-saving design and high optical performance

So compact, you can install it practically anywhere, especially where you need it most.

  • It’s fully self-contained, so there’s no need for a darkroom to image fluorescent specimens.
  • Olympus’ innovative and proprietary optical technologies are packed into the compact body design.
  • Guaranteed optical performance featuring the highest numerical aperture (NA: 0.95) dry objective available.
  • Use the macro image of your specimen to rapidly navigate to any desired position for high magnification observation.
  • Operational guidance is available to assist you through each step of the image acquisition process.
  • Image processing and control can be performed automatically or manually, in real time or post-acquisition.
  • Three observation modes (fluorescence, phase contrast and brightfield) allow for a variety of specimen types. Simple, time-lapse, Z-stack and stitching acquisition modes are available for each observation mode.
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