cell^TIRF Motorized Multicolor TIRF

The Olympus cell^TIRF illuminator offers four motorized channels for simultaneous image capture. Intuitive software control of TIRF parameters allows instant setting and confirmation of TIRF angle and seamless transition back and forth to widefield fluorescence. With the cell^TIRF illuminator, each laser wavelength is optimally focused and each angle is individually set, allowing different wavelengths to have the same penetration depth. Users can preset calculated penetration depths for all lasers with a single mouse click; the system will individually adjust each laser’s angle to simultaneously capture TIRF information from all channels.
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Olympus cell^TIRF Illuminator Specifications

TIRF illuminator Available laser Systems 405nm, 445nm, 473nm, 488nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm, 594nm, 640nm
Laser coupling FC or FC8 connector
Field Number FN13
Illuminator Body Single Billet Aluminum
Safety Integrated Interlock
Laser systems Wavelengths 405nm, 445nm, 473nm, 488nm, 491nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm, 594nm, 640nm
Power Laser system available up to 100mW
Attenuation Software control of laser intensity
Imaging Shutter High speed 1msec TTL shutters
Safety Integrated interlock
Epi-Fluorescence Light source 100W Mercury, 75W Xenon, Metal halide.
Selection TIRF/Brightfield or Brightfield only with 340nm transmission
Field number FN22
TIRF Objectives 60X Objectives
APON60XOTIRFM APO 60X, NA 1.49, WD 0.1mm, Correction collar
100X Objective
UAPON100XTIRF UAPON 100X, NA 1.49 WD 0.09mm, Correction collar
APO100XO-HR-SP APO 100X, NA 1.65, WD 0.10mm
150X Objectives
UAPON150XOTIRF UAPO 150X, NA 1.45,WD 0.07mm, Correction collar
Immersion Oil Type-F Low Auto Fluorescence Immersion oil, Low odor-MSDS available
High Refractive Index RI 1.78 Immersion oil for use with AP0100XO-HR-SP 1.65NA 100X objective, Low odor-MSDS available
Coverslips High Refractive Index RI 1.78 glass coverslips for use with AP0100XO-HR-SP 1.65NA 100X objective
Compatible microscopes IX71, IX81 and IX81-ZeroDrift 2
  • BX3 fits meDP80
  • special promoLV200
  • VS120 Slide Systemfvmpe_rs
  • Specialty Objectives Imaris by Bitplane
  • CX22cellsens Digital Imaging Software