BX46 Clinical Microscope

The new BX46 was engineered from the ground up with ergonomic and economic concerns in mind. From the lowest stage height and most adjustable observation tube on the market, to the standard Olympus color-balanced LED, the BX46 provides exceptional stability and accuracy in specimen viewing and positioning.

The new tilting, telescoping and lifting observation tube ensures that every BX46 user can adjust the microscope to suit their individual needs. This ergonomic flexibility helps the operator maintain a comfortable posture, especially beneficial for prolonged observation periods.
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Ergonomic Design for Efficiency and Comfort

  • Transmitted light frame features a unique low-positioned stage for uncompromised comfort during microscope use.
  • Barely 5 inches off the work surface, the BX46 stage is inches lower than standard microscopes, allowing for increased working comfort. Only minimal forearm movement is necessary to easily change or mark specimens.
  • Updated Y-shaped frame brings user controls forward for ease of access, efficiency and enhanced operator comfort.
  • The new tilting, telescoping/lifting binocular observation tube offers unsurpassed comfort in viewing position. The new U-TTLBI binocular head tilts from 0°-27°, extends an incredible 55mm, and lifts 45mm to accommodate different operators and reduce fatigue during use.
  • The new color-balanced LED with light intensity management system diminishes eye fatigue and the strain of repetitive adjustments.
  • The light action, low torque stage reduces the force needed to move the specimen. Move the low-position handles with just a light push of the finger tips.
  • Y-shaped frame brings all adjustable features toward the user for easy access to controls, while also providing maximum stability.
  • Five-position focusing nosepiece with slider slot for simple polarization.

Flexible System Format

  • The BX46 accepts all UIS2 optics, delivering bright, sharp and high-contrast images.
  • The BX46 comes with the new Olympus LED transmitted light source, but a 6V/30W halogen lamphouse is optional.
  • A variety of contrast methods are available for the BX46 such as brightfield, Gout Analysis and simple polarized light observations.
  • Choose from a wide selection of observation tubes, stages, slide holders, intermediate units, filters and peripherals.
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