BX63 Motorized Microscope

The BX63 delivers high performance automated microscopy for research applications. The fixed stage design and focusing nosepiece provide an exceptionally stable specimen surface for greater reproducibility in imaging experiments. Personalize your BX63 system by selecting the components that meet your needs. Then choose how you will control them – through the intuitive interface of the Touch Panel Controller, the tactile button and drive-by-wire feel of the remote control module, or add cellSens® software for complete PC-based control of your entire imaging experience.

The BX63. Your Image. Your way.

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Microscope Frame

Optical system

UIS2 optical system


Built-in motorized nosepiece focus
Stroke: 20 mm, minimum increment: 0.01 μm, maximum nosepiece movement speed: 3 mm/s


Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light, Light intensity LED indicator, Built-in motorized field stop

  • High color reproductivity LED light source
  • 12V 100W halogen bulb (pre-centered)

Revolving Nosepiece

  • Motorized septuple revolving nosepiece
  • Interchangeable reversed coded septuple nosepiece

Observation Tube

Widefield (F.N. 22)

  • Widefield tilting trinocular
  • Widefield trinocular
  • Widefield erect image trinocular
  • Widefield tilting binocular
  • Widefield tilting, Telescopic, Lifting binocular tube
  • Widefield ergo binocular
  • Widefield binocular


  • Ultrasonic stage (Stage stroke: X:76 mm x Y: 52 mm, maximum stage movement speed: 30 mm/s
  • Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control: with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism, optional rubber grips available
  • Cross stage with short left handle


  • Motorized universal condenser (N.A. 0.9, motorized 8-position turret, Aperture stop, polarizing filter in/out mechanism
    and top lens swing out mechanism), for 1.25x-100x [swing-out 1.25x-4x, with oil top lens: (N.A. 1.4)]
  • Swing out Achromatic (N.A. 0.9), for 1.25x-100x (swing-out: 1.25x-4x)
  • Achromatic Aplanatic (N.A. 1.4), for 10x-100x
  • Universal (N.A. 0.9), for 1.25x-100x [swing-out: 1.25x-4x, with oil top lens:(N.A. 1.4)]
  • Ultra low (N.A. 0.16), for 1.25x-4x
  • Darkfield dry (N.A. 0.8-0.92), for 10x-100x
  • Darkfield oil (N.A. 1.20-1.40), for 10x-100x

ND Filter Wheel

  • Motorized 6-position ND filter wheel

Fluorescence Illuminator

  • Motorized multi-purpose coded type (F.N. 22, motorized 8-position mirror unit turret, 4-position ND slider)
  • Multi-purpose coded type (F.N. 22, 8-position mirror unit turret, 4-position ND slider)

Fluorescence Light Source

  • 100 W Hg apo lamp housing and transformer
  • 100 W Hg lamp housing and transformer
  • 75 W Xe lamp housing and transformer


  • High-performance control box (I/F: FireWire)

*This device is designed for use in industrial environments for the EMC performance (EC61326-1 Class A device). Using it in a residential environment may affect other equipment in the environment.

cellSens is intended for Research and Educational Use only.

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