The VS120-S5 effectively brings imaging and microscopy closer together, creating an advanced and highly versatile “virtual slide”, a high-resolution image of the whole specimen.  By generating an exact copy of the specimen, users can view and analyze samples regardless of their proximity to the microscope. Virtual slides can be stored electronically on a central server, and viewed around the world instantly.
Product Image
Intended Specimen Observable Specimen Glass slide with cover glass
Size of Glass Slide Width: 26mm(52mm in option), Length:76mm, Thickness:0.9mm-1.2mm
Size of Cover Glass Thickness: 0.12mm-0.17mm
Microscope Frame Illuminator Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light
Objective Lenses 2x, 10x, 20x, 40x with a motorized revolving nosepiece
Motorized Stage Motorized XY stage with automatic control
Focusing Motorized automatic control
Digital Camera CCD Camera 2/3” CCD camera, 3.45mµm  x 3.45µm pixel size, high sensitivity, high resolution
Image Correction Shading correction, Auto white balance
Scan Scan Area W 26mm x H 64 mm (W 52mm x H 64mm as an option)
Resolution Less than 0.33 micron/pixel when using 20x objective Better than 0.16 micron/pixel when using 40x objective
System Control Computer Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 Professional (32/64bit)
Network Interface 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet
Memory 4 GB RAM
Hard Disc Drive 1.0 TB or more
Display High resolution 24“ TFT monitor
Software Image format: vsi, JPEG, TIF
Zooming while scanning
Automatic sample detection
Extended focus imaging
Screen capture
Stepless zooming
Synchronised multi-images display
Automatic stitching
Slide loader control

Network Software with database function and conference up to 5 user accounts
Conference up to 100 accounts
Environment Power 960W - 1030W
Weight* 110Kg 55Kg 55Kg
Operating Environment Temperature: 15-28 degree centigrade
Power Consumption 900W-1030W

* The weights are specific for the VS120-SL, VS120-S5 and the VS120 systems.
Not for Clinical Diagnostic use.
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