Olympus VS120 Software Solutions

The VS120 system components are designed to interact seamlessly, producing a fully automated high-speed scanning and reviewing system with excellent flexibility and simple operation.
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Efficient and robust VS-ASW acquisition software is provided with all VS120 Virtual Slide systems. The software facilitates the slide scanning process through an intuitive slide scan wizard, allowing the user to set up simple brightfield scans in just 3 mouse clicks. Several pre-defined modes facilitate ease-of-use for entry-level users, while the “expert” setting puts experienced users in complete control of the entire scanning process. Therefore, different scan settings can be assigned to individual slides, saving significant scanning time, as well as offering the ability to only scan areas of interest, reducing data file sizes.

To make the scan process as fast and efficient as possible, the VS-ASW generates a focus map using the software-based autofocus function. This allows the optimal Z-position to be determined and saved on various parts of the sample, permitting a height profile of the sample to be compiled before detailed scan acquisition. Different maps are used depending on the type of sample being scanned, providing the best solution whatever the specimen. Numerous coordinates are selected to create the map, which gives the system an instant focus reference when scanning the slide.

Main Features:

  • Support for Windows® 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Manual/Semi-automatic focus selection with Virtual-Z™ scan mode
  • Ability to scan and save to TIFF and BigTIFF
  • Measurement object that allows drawing freehand lines or closed object
  • Smooth panning and zooming feature
  • Extract of single z-plane
  • Save overview image with a unique file name
  • Multiple scan areas can be stored as separate images

Several add-on modules can be added to the main VS-ASW software platform, depending on the customer’s research needs. Most popular add-on modules are VS-Fluorescence and VS-TMA.

VS-ASW with Fluorescence module:

  • Separate and combine channels for fluorescent images
  • Automated fluorescence batch scanning
  • Simple XY correction between color and monochrome camera
  • Enhanced processed filters for multichannel fluorescence images
  • Individual color channel focus offsets
  • Online Deblur (out of focus light during fluorescence scanning can be removed during acquisition)
  • Individual shading correction for color channels

VS-ASW with Tissue Micro Array (TMA) module:

  • Facilitates the acquisition and analysis of TMAs
  • Enables separate documentation of each core, accurately recording slide and core reference for traceability


VS-Desktop application allows the user to review and edit images scanned with the VS120 Virtual Slide System.  The stand-alone software package provides users with tools for various measurements, rotation, cropping, image conversion and other advanced features.  Several add on modules can be added to VS-Desktop to provide more advanced editing features as required by the user.


The VS-NISSQL for the VS120 virtual slide system is a versatile image access and storage solution. The NISSQL is a real client-server based data management system developed especially for virtual microscopy and ensures that even with large amounts of data and many users workflows run efficiently and securely.


OlyVIA is a free application program for the viewing of image files. OlyVIA is especially suitable for the viewing of VS120 virtual slide images. You can open images from local or network storage. Images that have been saved on Net Image Server (NIS)SQL can be viewed over the internet. In addition OlyVIA allows participation in conferences hosted by users with Net Image Server (NIS)SQL.

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