BX53 Motorized Microscope

The new BX53 Motorized upright microscope can be equipped with any or all of the following motorized accessories: a motorized objective nosepiece, a motorized fluorescence filter cube turret, a motorized transmitted light condenser and a motorized attenuation wheel for fluorescence excitation. A handset or optional cellSens® software control permits the synchronous operation of the motorized accessories for accurate and easy microscope operation.
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Flexible system format supports a wide-range of observation methods

  • New binocular and trinocular observation heads enhance the ergonomics and operation of a BX53 microscope. Choose between tilting and traditional configurations.
  • The new light intensity management feature coupled with encoded objective nosepieces, controls light intensity as observation magnification changes.
  • The new LED light source offers superb color reproduction from purple to cyan to red, and long lifespan.
  • Optional motorized accessories including a motorized nosepiece, fluorescence cube turret, condenser and excitation attenuation wheel can be installed according to your imaging needs.
  • New U-LC condenser achieves even illumination of specimens for observation from 2x to 100x dry. An assortment of other condensers allow you to perform a wide range of contrast techniques such as Nomarski (DIC), polarization for Gout analysis, phase contrast, and darkfield observation.

Ergonomic design for efficiency and comfort

  • Updated Y-shaped frame brings user controls forward for ease of access, efficiency and enhanced operator comfort.
  • The new tilting, telescoping/lifting binocular observation tube offers unsurpassed comfort in viewing position. The new U-TTLBI binocular head tilts from 0-27°, extends an incredible 55mm, and lifts 45mm to accommodate different operators and reduce fatigue during use.
  • The new color-balanced LED with light intensity management system diminishes eye fatigue and the strain of repetitive adjustments.
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