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Fluorescence Illumination Source (HGLGPS)

Peripheral illuminator providing stable, bright illumination and reduces heat and vibration effects on imaging.
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Fluorescence Illumination Source (U-HGLGPS) Overview

The U-HGLGPS light source is a pre-centered liquid light guide illuminator that provides longer bulb lifetime and a more stable and even illumination compared to its predecessor mercury lamp house. The light source features a bright and stable DC130W mercury bulb with great performance in the UV range and a single adapter compatible with most Olympus microscope frames.

Less maintenance and alignment with stable light intensity

  • Guaranteed 2000H lifetime.
  • Pre-centered, high-pressure DC130W mercury lamp.
  • Manual 7 steps intensity control.
  • Cut filters (340nm, 800nm) and an interlock shutter for detaching a light guide.
  • Bright and uniform illumination that requires no centering adjustment.
  • Minimizes the effect of the lamp’s heat on the microscope and specimen.
  • Adapter compensates for chromatic aberration when switching excitation wavelengths.
  • Minimized the heating effect and vibration due to the detached light source design.
  • BX3 fits meDP80
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