MMI CellCut Plus

The MMI CellCut Plus laser microdissection system combines proven cutting-edge technologies for the precise isolation of single and groups of cells. The ultraprecise system is fast and easy to use for a wide variety of sample types including fresh frozen or paraffin embedded tissues, archived slides, cytospins, smears and live cells.

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Contamination free cutting Automated cutting predefined Target Positioning (PTP) MMI LiveCell Chamber MMI MultiCap and MMI MultiSlide

Contamination Free Cutting

Sample sandwiched between a membrane and glass so it is not exposed to the air. This ensures a safer working environment and better sample integrity.

Maximum Collection Efficiency

Passive collection of samples using isolation cap for maximum collection efficiency and minimal sample damage.

Contamination Free Collection

MMI Isolation cap is only in contact with the membrane and never in direct contact with the tissue.

Positive Sample Inspection

This feature ensures you have collected your sample after every laser cut. The isolation of the target area occurs in the same relative position as on the slide. So the morphology of the sample remains 100% intact and damages of the surrounding tissue will be prevented. Reproducible results are achieved easily and effectively. This is excellent for auditability and accurate quantitative results.

The Thinnest Cleanest Cut

Ultra precise high pulse rate, low power fixed UV laser for the thinnest cleanest cut of all commercially available laser microdissection systems. Cuts as narrow as 0.3 microns for accurate and precise cutting everytime.

Predefined Target Positioning (PTP)

PTP is a patented product feature that allows for the precise, predefined, contamination free visually controlled collection of individual cells on the cap. PTP is excellent to maximize the number of samples collected into a single reaction tube, guarantees isolated samples are not compromised by subsequent cutting and essential for auditability.


The only laser microdissection system that allows full auditability of every cut. The autodocumentation feature records images showing the position of the cut and of the collection (PTP) on the cap together with the time, date and method details.

MMI LiveCell Chamber

Special MMI LiveCell Chamber for positive and negative isolation of live cells for removal of contamination and isolation of target cells for unrivalled re-culturing and cloning.

MMI MultiCap and MMI MultiSlide

MMI MultiSlide for cell isolation from up to three slides and the MMI MultiCap for cell isolation into up to eight individual caps without the need to reload. Essential for single cell workflow involving RNA isolation, where speed is of the essence.

Serial Section

Maximise RNA recovery by minimising the use of staining. Use the visible position of target cells on a stained section to detect, mark, cut and isolate regions on interest of an unstained section.


Cut thick and wet tissue without the use of a high power laser by the z-drill feature. Refocus the laser on different z-levels whilst cutting to minimise the use of excessive laser power and so preserve your sample and maximize its usability for downstream analysis. An alternative high power laser is available for working with harder to cut material such as teeth, bones, or forensic tapes.

MMI CellCut Plus

Instrument Setup:

  • Microscope Based on Olympus IX73, manual microscope or Olympus IX83, motorized microscope.
  • Computer controlled xy-stage
    • MultiSlide insert for 3 membrane, glass slides.
    • Holder for petri dishes, 35 mm, 1 piece.
  • MMI Cell Camera CCD with active Peltier cooling
  • Workstation
    • with the newest HP and Intel technologies.
  • Laser for cutting and isolation of tissue samples
    • Solid state UV laser
    • Wavelength 355 nm
    • Maintenance free
    • Extremely sharp focus due to computer simulated optics.
    • Computer controlled laser power and focus position.
    • Safety devices and eye protection filters.

  • MMI Isolation Cap Patented, contamination free method for isolation of microdissected areas using adhesive cap technology with positive sample inspection.
  • MMI Single CapLift
    • Software controlled positioning, lifting and lowering of adhesive cap.
    • Plug & play module can be removed to receive full access to the microscope stage.
    • Contact pressure between cap and slide adjustable.
  • MMI CapHolder CapHolder with magnetic mount: 0.2ml, 0.5ml and 1.5ml included.

  • MI MultiSlide
    • Hardware and software components for automatic control of 3 slides.
    • Compatible with MMI serial section.
  • MMI CellTools software package 2013
    • Representation of the live video on the screen.
    • Camera control: brightness, exposure, gain.
    • Xy stage control with cursor keys and mouse.
    • Controlling motorized microscopes.
    • Scanned-in overview of slide for easy navigation.
    • Storage of application-specific settings.
  • MMI TeamViewer With the MMI TeamViewer, the customer can allow our service engineers to establish a connection with your system via the Internet:
    • Fast and efficient remote support, worldwide
    • Remote updates of the MMI CellTools software
    • Operates without configuration, even through firewalls and proxy servers.
  • MMI Consumables Starter Kit CellCut Includes various MMI Caps as well as additional MMI Consumables for first application use.
  • BX3 fits meDP80
  • special promoLV200
  • VS120 Slide Systemfvmpe_rs
  • Specialty Objectives Imaris by Bitplane
  • CX22cellsens Digital Imaging Software