The FluoView® FVMPE-RS is a multiphoton imaging system dedicated to high speed physiology and brain mapping applications. With both resonance and high speed multipoint mapping, the FVMPE-RS allows you to capture high speed full frame images and simultaneously stimulate for live optogenetic brain mapping. The dedicated MPE optics Deep Focus Mode and automated alignment ensure precise reproducible images to capture and stimulate brain physiology.
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Dedicated High Speed, High Precision Multiphoton Imaging and Stimulation

  • High speed resonant scanning and high precision galvanometer scanning in one system
  • Designed for Optogenetics and Electrophysiology
  • Precise microsecond order imaging and stimulation control
  • High sensitivity detection and deep imaging optimization
  • Industry first Quadralign optics for precise colocalization
  • Supports 2 simultaneous multiphoton laser line imaging
  • Ultra broadband 400nm-1600nm transmission



Imagine a system that allows you to work with advanced speed, deeper focus and longer wavelengths. Introducing the FVMPE-RS-a new, dedicated resonant scanning multiphoton system that enables you to observe more information from live tissue. Cutting-edge technology, along with trusted world-leading optics, focused on high speed physiology. With frame rates as fast as 438fps you can capture your high speed physiology with precision and confidence. High speed multipoint stimulation with multiple lasers and microsecond timing accuracy brings optogenetic stimulation to new levels, while system sensitivity is maximized by optimizing light collection.


Fish 850ex 30fps
The precision to capture fast physiology events.
Fish 850ex 438fps
438 frames per second imaging without zooming provides context and speed for multiple high speed applications.

Large imaging space and flexible stage selection to accommodate anything from slice work to live animal imaging.
Optional forward scatter non-descanned detector unit (2 channels) with up to 1.4 NA top lens for second harmonic and fluorescence detection.


Your work can evolve with flexible and field upgradable configurations from basic scanning with a 2 channel NDD up to 4 channels, 2 NDD plus 2 high sensitivity gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) detectors, SIM module for simultaneous imaging and stimulation with visible or MPE stimulation.

Main hybrid scanner
Triple scanner with SIM
Visible laser Combiner

The FVMPE-RS is highly modular, allowing for upgrades as the system evolves. The visible laser combiner connects to the SIM scanner for use in optogenetics experiments and can be supplied with up to 3 lasers at 405nm, 458nm and 588nm for uncaging and stimulation of Channelrhodopsin or Halorhodopsin.

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