The FluoView® FVMPE-RS is a multiphoton imaging system dedicated to high speed physiology and brain mapping applications. With both resonance and high speed multipoint mapping, the FVMPE-RS allows you to capture high speed full frame images and simultaneously stimulate for live optogenetic brain mapping. The dedicated MPE optics Deep Focus Mode and automated alignment ensure precise reproducible images to capture and stimulate brain physiology.
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FVMPE-RS, a Functional Brain Mapping and High Speed Physiology Multiphoton System

The FVMPE-RS is designed to handle some of the greatest challenges in optogenetic brain mapping stimulation.It is a hybrid scanning system, featuring a high precision galvanometer scanner and an industry leading resonant scanner, as well as an optional simultaneous "SIM" scanner for precise optogenetic stimulation with either visible lasers or MPE.The system implements dual MPE laser line imaging and stimulation, unique Quadralign 4-axis autoalignment for precise colocalization in MPE imaging, and Multipoint Mapping software for robust optogenetic stimulation and imaging protocols.Watch this video to learn how the FluoView FVMPE-RS can deliver bright, clear images up to 1300 μm in live Thy1-YFP H line mice.


Calcium imaging in head-fixed live awake behaving GCaMP6 injection mouse at 750um depth. Mice courtesy of Dr. Clay Lacefield, Bruno Lab, Columbia University.


3D rendering of 800um Z stack acquisition of calcium imaging in head-fixed live, awake, behaving GCaMP6 injection mouse. Mice courtesy of Dr. Clay Lacefield, Bruno Lab, Columbia University.

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