Virtual Microscopy

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Virtual Microscopy

Virtual Microscopy is computer-based technology that offers the full range of traditional microscope functionality and more. A virtual slide is a digitally captured glass slide which is comprised of high-resolution images. The convenience of a computer is then used to view, navigate, change magnification and focus through the virtual slide with speed and ease.

Slide Scanning Systems


  • 5-slide capacity
  • Brightfield and Fluorescence
  • Multi-functional and easy to upgrade
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  • 100-slide capacity
  • Brightfield and Fluorescence
  • Ideal for high throughput applications
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VS120 Fluorescence

  • True Multichannel Fluorescence module
  • Fluorescence Virtual-Z™
  • Fluorescence scanning at 2x, 10x, 20x and 40x
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*VS120 Darkfield

  • Darkfield imaging of unstained and fluorescent specimens
  • Multiple white LED
  • Optional module for VS110 and VS120
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VS120-Software Solutions

  • Efficient and easy to use VS-ASW acquisition software
  • Stand-alone viewing and editing software with VS-Desktop
  • Free viewer software with olyVIA®
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VS-NISSQL Server Software

  • Client-server based data management system
  • Versatile image access and storage solution for virtual microscopy
  • Stable, secure and dependable
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  • Whole Slide Image Analysis and Stereology Software
  • Application Specific Tools available for a variety of fields
  • Powered by Visiopharm
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Not for Clinical Diagnostic Use.
*The VS120 Darkfield Illuminator is a special order product.

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