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A New Perspective on Public Relations

brynne wacker

My name is Brynne Wacker, and I am a senior at Villanova University. This past summer, I was given the opportunity to be the Public Relations Intern at Olympus. Is this where I thought I would land this summer? Not at all, considering I had limited knowledge of or interest in the science or medical fields. Further, I didn’t even realize that business-to-business medical technology companies like Olympus needed a public relations team. This internship has given me a whole new perspective on the field of communications and a new outlook for my future career. 

I always envisioned myself doing PR for an organization where the customer base was the general public, ranging from fashion to food or even the nonprofit sector. In the Villanova Public Relations curriculum, we mostly study consumer-facing organizations. However, I quickly learned a whole other side of PR, having to adapt my usual style of writing to be effective for those in the medical field purchasing Olympus products.

This position made me realize that every organization has a need to tell its story and publicize its position to its customers. Even companies who sell their products to other businesses, such as Olympus, need a voice in the media to share their message to their target audiences. 

Additionally, this opportunity at Olympus allowed me to dive into the area of social media. I was unaware of the balance that goes into social media to cater to various audiences. Since Olympus’ main customer base is health care providers, there are medical social media pages. However, to reach the general public about community relations, patient stories, and the impact of Olympus products, there are corporate social media pages. Balancing both accounts, along with the language of the different social media platforms, was an immense learning opportunity for me. It was so beneficial to see the ins and outs of another field of communications. I primarily helped create content for the corporate social media pages, specifically through the Olympus blog site, and it has been wonderful to see firsthand the great impact that Olympus has on its local communities and the patients they serve.

Along with acquiring many new skills in new areas of communications, Olympus has shown me that medical technology can truly be life-changing. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve also had a passion for service, and I’ve always wanted to pursue a profession where I could make an impact and change people’s lives. My largest hesitation with PR has been a concern that I wouldn’t be helping people directly but working on the PR team at Olympus has given me opportunities to work on screening advocacy campaigns for lung cancer and colorectal cancer, both potentially lifesaving preventative healthcare procedures. Overall, this internship has shown me how PR can complement direct-to-buyer communications by inspiring the end-customer, in this case, the patient, to take action, like in the case of getting a health screening. 

After my twelve weeks at Olympus, I am endlessly thankful to everyone that has helped me learn and gain more experience than I ever thought was possible in an internship. 

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