Olympus America

ERP Transition

From Tuesday, September 2nd - Sunday, September 7th, Olympus will be transitioning to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for its Endoscopy and Surgical Business. The new system is intended to enhance business processes, and ultimately, allow us to best meet your needs.

This webpage provides you with the milestones of this transition and actions you should take now to prepare for the changes.

Important! How Does This Transition Affect Me?

Product Deliveries & Orders

Shipping Blackout / Product Deliveries
Moving to our new ERP system will require a cutover (transition) period when some of our systems will be unavailable.

  • Due to this, Olympus will not be shipping endoscopic or surgical products, consumables or accessories from September 2nd-5th, with the exception of the chemicals used in our OER-Pro Reprocessor.
    • EndoQuick, Acecide-C, Aldahol 1.8 and test strips used with the OER-Pro will continue to ship during this period.
  • We encourage you and your colleagues to check your current inventory levels now to determine if you need to order product in advance of the cutover period.
  • Product orders must be placed by August 27th to ensure that all available items are shipped out by 5PM, August 29th.
  • Product shipping is scheduled to resume on September 8th.

Blanket Orders and Scheduled Deliveries

  • Olympus is contacting customers scheduled to receive product deliveries from September 2nd-5th to arrange for alternative shipping dates.
  • If you have not been contacted, and have a scheduled delivery during this period, please call Olympus Customer Service at 1-800-848-9024.

Ordering Products

  • Product orders will continue to be taken as normal from September 2nd-5th (including EDI and GHX orders). However, these orders will not be shipped or invoiced until after September 8th.
  • Item numbers to order Olympus products will not change.

GHX / EDI Customers

  • GHX will start contacting customers directly about their new account numbers after August 11th and will assist with implementing the changes.
  • Olympus’ EDI team will be contacting all non-GHX EDI customers.
  • EDI questions can be directed to edi@olympus.com.

Service & Repair

Service & Repair

  • Product loaner availability will be limited from August 29th - September 5th. Efforts will be made to support urgent loaner requests.
  • The Olympus Service Department will be processing repairs as normal from September 2nd-4th.
  • On Friday, September 5th, the Olympus Service Department will be accepting inbound repairs but will not be servicing products or shipping out repaired or repair-exchanged products.
  • Service and Repair activities, including shipping of repaired products, will resume on September 8th.
  • The Olympus Service Portal will be offline from September 5th-7th. Upon its return online on September 8th, users will see minor changes in the appearance, navigation and functionality of the site. Customers will be able to continue using their current Service Portal log in information.
  • Field Service and the Technical Assistance Center will be operating as normal from September 2nd-5th.
  • All service contract numbers will change, taking effect on September 8th.
    • You can obtain your new service contract number(s) starting on September 8th by using the account number look-up tool that will be available on this website.

Customer Account Numbers

New Customer Account Numbers

  • All customer account numbers will change, taking effect on September 8th.
    • You can obtain your new account number starting on August 11th by using the account number look-up tool that will be available on this website. Continue to use your current Olympus account number until September 8th.

Additional Information

Olympus Connect Website

  • Olympus Connect will remain available from September 2nd-5th.
  • Customer log-in information for Olympus Connect will not be affected by this transition.

Olympus Documentation

  • Some Olympus documentation such as order confirmations and invoices will have a different appearance.