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Product: WS-500M [ change ]

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WS-500M Features

  • MP3 & WMA Music Playback
    Supports music files in MP3 and WMA formats.
  • 2GB Internal Memory
    The WS-500M has 2GB of internal flash memory.
  • 545 Hours Recording Time
    Enjoy an amazing 545 hours of recording time.
  • USB Direct
    The unique "USB Direct" design means you can connect it right to the USB port on your computer and download or transfer audio, music, photos and more.
  • Stereo Recording
    Built-in stereo microphone.
  • Voice Activation
    Use the Voice Activation mode to record sound, via the built-in microphone, without ever lifting a finger.
  • Easy File Management
    Organize up to 200 files in each of five available folders for quick retrieval and storage convenience.
  • Multiple Language Display
    The LCD supports and displays three languages.
  • 21 Hours of Battery Life
    Up to 21 hours of continuous operation with only one AAA battery.
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