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IS-20 QD

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Technical Specs
IS-20 QD  
Type: Full-automatic 35mm autofocus single-lens reflex camera with built-in 28-110mm zoom lens.
Film format: 35mm standard DX-coded film (24 x 36mm).
Lens: Olympus lens 28 ~ 110 mm, f4.5 ~ 5.6, 11 elements in 9 groups (5-group zoom construction). (52mm filter diameter, filter thickness must be 6mm or less for built-in lens cap to close.
Shutter: Electronic control system, vertical focal plane shutter. Shutter speed 1/2000 sec. ~  4 sec. Manual F8, 1 ~  60 sec. Flash shutter synchronization: under 1/100 sec.
Focusing: TTL phase-difference detection system; autofocus with focus lock. Auxiliary flash activates in low light (available at distances up to 16.4ft.; determined under Olympus test conditions). AF beep available. Focusing range: 2.5ft ~ infinity.
Viewfinder: Standard single-lens reflex system, magnification ratio 0.72 (at 50mm). Finder view-field - 85% of actual view-field.
Viewfinder information: Autofocus frame, spot frame, autofocus indicator, flash indicator (to be used as flash warning), overexposure/underexposure indicator.
Diopter adjustment: -2 ~ +1
Light metering method: TTL light metering system - fuzzy-logic ESP light metering, center-weighted average light metering, spot metering.
Exposure modes: (1) Program AE (Full-Auto, Stop action, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene). (2) Aperture preferred AE. (3) Long Time (manual).
Exposure counter: Progressive type, displayed on LCD panel.
Film speed range: Automatic setting with DX-coded film (ISO 25, 32, 50, 64, 100, 125, 200, 250, 400, 500, 800, 1000, 1600, 2000, 3200. Intermediate film, speeds will be automatically set to the next lower speed).
Film loading: Automatic loading (automatically advances to first frame when camera back is loaded).
Film advance: Automatic film winding.
Film rewind: Automatic film rewind (automatic rewind activated at end of film, automatic rewind stop). Rewind is possible at any point with rewind button.
Self-timer: Electronic self-timer with 12-sec. delay.
Remote control (optional): Infrared remote control unit, 3-sec delay.
Flash: Built-in IVP (Intelligent Variable Power) flash system. Manual activating system, recycling time of about 0.2 - 3.5 sec. (at normal temperature).
Flash range, wide and telephoto: 2.5~14.8ft, with ISO 100 color negative film. 2.5~29.5ft with ISO 400 color negative.
Flash modes: Auto (automatic flash activation in lowlight and backlight), Auto-S (red-eye reducing, otherwise same as Auto), Fill-in (forced activation), Off (when flash is retracted).
Battery check: Displayed on LCD panel.
Power source: Two 3V lithium batteries (CR123A or DL123A).
Dimensions: 4.8(W) X 3.5(H) X 4.5(D) in. (excluding protrusions).
Weight: 22.9oz (without batteries).

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