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m:robe 100

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Is this product and the software that is included compatible with all operating systems?

The system requirements are listed on the packaging, which states that the only supported operating systems are Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition. The Apple Macintosh platform is not supported, nor is Linux supported.

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What file formats does the m:robe MR-100 support?

The MR-100 supports WMA, MPEG 1 and 2, Audio Layer3, also referred to as MP3.

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How large is the hard drive on the m:robe MR-100? Does the m:robe MR-100’s hard drive come in different sizes?

The hard drive on the m:robe MR-100 is 5GB. At this time it only comes in the 5GB size.

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How many hours of music can I store on the m:robe MR-100?

The m:robe MR-100 can store approximately 1,200 tracks of music (WMA format, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz). WMA format can store approximately eight hours of music, the MP3 format will support approximately 12 hours of music.

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What is the difference between the MP3 and WMA formats for music files? Which format is recommended for my m:robe MR-100?

MP3 and WMA formats are types of audio compression. Audio compression can be quickly described as the JPG of music. For a minor loss of quality, we have a sound file which is many times smaller to the original and it can be easily broadcast through the internet or transferred on portable media. Audio compression is a new concept and there are still various algorithms contesting for public approval. The sound quality of the two formats is very subjective; one person may feel the sound quality of MP3 is better than WMA, another person may prefer the sound quality of the WMA format. For a more information about these two formats you may want to visit these web pages:

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I read that the m:robe MR-100’s battery can only be charged 500 times. How do I replace the battery in my MR-100?

Do not attempt to replace the battery yourself, if you are still under the warranty this will void it. Please send your MR-100 in to the Olympus Repair Department. Use this web link: to get information on sending your product in for repair, or contact the repair department at 1-800-622-6372, from 8:30AM-7PM EST.

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What is “m:trip”, and how do I use it?

m:trip is the software package bundled with the MR-100. It serves as the interface between your MR-100 and your computer.

Connecting your m:robe and your computer allows you to synchronize and transfer music, photo, and remix data between the m:robe and m.trip. This function called “synchronization”, allows you to decide which files will be transferred to the m:robe and which will stay on the computer managed by the m:trip software. With the m:trip software you can import MP3 and WMA files already stored on your PC into your m:robe .

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When I import music into m:trip, I receive an error that the file cannot be copied. How can I fix this problem?

Some WMA files are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect the interests of copyright holders.

DRM restricts the use of digital files acquired from creating audio CDs or purchasing from online music stores to prevent illegal copy and redistribution.

To copy the file, synchronize the MR-100 again and the file will upload. To prevent this from happening with future files, you can upgrade to the latest version of m:trip by contacting digital technical support. Digital technical support is available from 8AM-10PM EST, Monday through Friday, at 1-888-553-4448.

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What do I do if my m:robe MR-100 freezes up?

If your MR-100 freezes up, you will need to reboot it. Locate the small hole at the bottom of the unit and press a paper clip or pin into the hole. This reboots the unit and will enable you to continue using the MR-100 normally.

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My m:trip software crashed. When I try to start up the application again, it will not launch. How do I get the software to work again?

If the m:trip database becomes corrupt, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the application. This will not affect any of the music or images that are on your PC.

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I am trying to connect my MR-100 to a different PC, and I receive a message that states the m:robe is being managed by another computer. What does this mean?

Your m:robe MR-100can only be managed by one computer because of copyright laws. You own the music on your PC. The m:trip software assumes that if you are trying to use a new PC to manage your files, that you are no longer the owner of the MR-100. If you select "Yes" when you see the message below, your music and images will be erased from the MR-100

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The m:trip stores my music files in the “My Documents” folder. How can I change this location?

Go to the “tools” menu, “options” and select the “save” tab. This will allow you to change the default location of your files.

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My m:robe MR-100 is docked in the cradle and I have attempted to change the device settings. The device now freezes, how can I fix this?

Do not try to adjust the device settings while the MR-100 is docked. Adjust the settings while it is out of the cradle. A future firmware update will correct this situation.

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How can I get back to the main menu once I leave it, and then find a song title?

Press and hold the “menu” for about three seconds to activate the main menu. Use the scroll bar to navigate to your choice from the list of options and then use the right arrow to select the song title from your chosen list.

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Can more then one m:robe MR-100 be managed with m:trip?

Yes. Up to eight different m:robes can be managed by one computer using m:trip. However, each MR-100 must be managed from the same computer otherwise you will receive the warning error that all files will be deleted.

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How do I synchronize my m:robe MR-100 with my computer?

To synchronize your MR-100 to your computer, click on the “tools” menu “sync to m:robe”. Check off whether you want to sync ‘all music’ and or ‘all images’. Then click the “sync” icon.   

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I am trying to sync my MR-100 with my computer and it is not working, what I am doing wrong?

Once you select your music or pictures to be synchronized, make sure you click the “sync” button in the lower right corner of m:trip or select “sync to m:robe” from the tools menu. .   

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How do I create a playlist?

The m:trip software allows you to select and register your favorite songs in a playlist. You can register as many playlists as you want and create and name original compilation albums.

To create a playlist, select "New Playlist" from the file menu. In the browse area a new playlist named "New Playlist" is created.

Type in a name for the playlist you are creating, and press the Enter key.

From the track listing, select the tracks you want to register in the playlist. From the "Edit" menu, select "Add to Playlist".

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While playing some music tracks within the m:trip software, the volume is very low can I make it louder?

Highlight one or multiple songs. Right click, select "Properties". Click on the "Others" tab. Adjust the volume using the option at the bottom of the screen. We recommend using either the "+1" or "+2" volume selection.

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Can I use a remote with my MR-100?

Yes, an optional remote is available. The Olympus stock number is 215010.

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How can I associate album covers with my music?

Artwork from album covers, song titling and adding lyrics are all managed through the m:trip software. With m:trip launched on your PC, highlight one or multiple songs. Right click, select “Properties”. Click on the “Others” tab. In the middle of the screen select “Browse” to navigate to the location of the graphic file you wish to use as the album cover.

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How can I change the name of a song?

While running the m:trip application on your PC, highlight the song. Right click, select “Properties”. Click on the “Information” tab. In the title box enter a new title or edit an existing one.

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How do I add lyrics to a song?

From within the m:trip application, highlight the song. Right click, select “Properties”. Click on the “Lyrics” tab add song lyrics

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How can I improve the battery life on my m:robe MR-100?

There are several ways to improve battery life on your MR-1500. Try one or more of the following:
·   Turn off the LCD while listening to music.
·   When using the LCD, dim the backlight
·   Use the remote control instead of using the touch screen.
·   Download lower quality music files.
·   Turn off the MR-100 prior to connecting to the dock.

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The cable on my headset seems to be an odd size. Is there something wrong with it?

No. There is nothing wrong with the cable. The right side is purposely made longer so you can wrap the cable behind your neck, so it does not dangle front of you. Do not try to separate the cable or try to adjust it.

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I clicked on the “purchase music” icon within m:trip, but I can’t download music, why?

At the present time, Olympus is not offering the capability to purchase music. In the future Olympus will be partnering with various websites to enable the purchasing of music.

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Does the name “m:robe” have any specific significance?

Yes, the m:robe brand derives its name from the fact that m:robe products can be carried anywhere, anytime, allowing users to “robe” themselves in their favorite music wherever they go.

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I read recently that Olympus has discontinued production of the m:robe MR-100 and MR-500 Music Players. Does this mean Olympus is getting out of the music player market?

Olympus has frozen the development of the next generation of m:robe products to shift its resources to our core competencies, namely the imaging business and digital voice recorder business. This does not mean the immediate cessation of the m:robe product line or its support nor a complete withdrawal from the music player business. At this point no new m:robe product is currently planned. Olympus will continue to produce the DM-10 and DM-20 Digital Voice Recorders which have music functions, and has recently introduced the WS-300/310/320 WMA (Windows Media Audio) format Digital Voice Recorders, which will download and play music files from computers running Windows operating systems.

Olympus may restart the portable music player product line in the future, but our present priorities are directed to our core business.


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Why is one side of the headphones longer than the other?

The headphones are designed so you can wear the headphones behind the head.  Therefore the cable runs down your back.  This necessitates the need for one side to be longer than the other.

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