Clint. True To Employees.

Faced with the biggest obstacle in his life, Clint perseveres thanks in part to the support of his company and co-workers.

In May of 2013, at the recommendation of his doctor, Olympus employee Clint Finger went for his company-paid colonoscopy. “As I was being rolled into the lab, I was quick to take notice of the new Olympus equipment that would be used as part of my screening,” said Clint.Unfortunately, his colonoscopy revealed a three-centimeter tumor in his lower colon. And with that, his cancer journey began.

Clint’s initial diagnosis was Stage II colon cancer, but unsuccessful treatments eventually led to Stage IV, with the cancer spreading to his liver and chest. Since then, he has battled through:

  • 4 surgical procedures
  • 102 radiation treatments
  • 42 chemotherapy infusions
  • 5 endoscopic procedures
  • 19 nights in the hospital

Despite all of this, Clint continues to maintain a positive outlook. He cites working for Olympus as a primary reason why. “In my role I get to work with devices that I always assumed were for somebody else,” said Clint. “Now, I realize that I might be one of the patients who benefits from them.” Clint is also thankful for the employee benefits Olympus provides – such as free colonoscopies – as well as his co-workers. “I get to work with the best group of people imaginable,” said Clint. “It is a warm, supportive group that has given me an incredible amount of assistance as I deal with my cancer.”

"I am an extremely fortunate person. There are many reasons for this, but a big one is that I have the best job in the world."”