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The development of new pharmaceuticals is a critical part of disease treatment and management, clinical trials, and the overall health of the world’s population.

Olympus NoviSight™ 3D cell analysis software is designed specifically for microplate-based research, the foundation of drug discovery. With NoviSight software, researchers can quickly measure and analyze sample activity in three dimensions, bringing them closer to answers that may help treat or cure diseases.

NoviSight software enables researchers to quantify cell activity in three dimensions and more easily capture rare cell events, obtain accurate cell counts, and improve detection sensitivity. Designed to speed up drug discovery and development, NoviSight’s True 3D technology makes it easy for users to check the morphology of their samples by measuring a range of spheroid or cell nuclei parameters, including volume and sphericity, and measuring and analyzing physiologically relevant 3D cell models. Insightful analysis means intelligent answers.

NoviSight is only available in the U.S.

Insightfully Intelligent Answers