Jamie. True To Possibilities.

Everyone takes their own path in life, and we sometimes need the tools that let us stay true to our vision. Jamie seizes life’s moments that few get to experience for themselves, and Olympus provides him the opportunity to capture it in a way that is true to his vision.

Oftentimes, the greatest opportunities in life are found at a crossroads where luck meets preparation. Such was the case for Jamie MacDonald, who took a wrong turn down a dirt road one February morning hoping to find a shortcut. Instead, he found a calling.

Having the foresight to bring his Olympus camera along, Jamie stumbled upon an old barn along a dirt road that proved to be an ideal location for a photo shoot. He spent the next 40 minutes taking photo after photo of the rural scenery in front of him. “That was the moment I realized, in all sincerity, that I’m a photographer…this is my craft,” said Jamie. “I’m here to capture things that people just don’t get to see every day.”

The Olympus Visionary Program allows Jamie to better pursue his craft.“Olympus understands how the photography community works,” said Jamie. “I think that, because of the Visionary Program and the feedback that they get from us, they understand what it takes to connect with photographers.”

Through the program, the equipment and support that it provides, Jamie is better able to share his visual stories with the world.

I'm here to capture things that people just don't get to see every day.”