Karen. True To Safety.

Sometimes seeing the world is about peace of mind. Olympus makes the tools that help us inspect the integrity of the products we’re accustomed using every day– to know your shoe heel is cushioned, the pipeline is structurally sound, and your plane is safe for takeoff– that’s staying true to safety.

Olympus’ mission to “make the world healthier, safer and more fulfilling” is more than just words; it’s an ideal that permeates every product we make. What many people don’t know, however, is just how many of our products keep them safe on a daily basis.

Whether it’s flying on an airplane, making sure an airbag deploys properly or industrial plants aren’t leaking harmful chemicals into nearby communities, Olympus is there.

“Our customers range from just about anybody you can imagine that is using some type of engineered material,” said Karen Smith, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing with Olympus. “Automotive, aircraft, anybody in the oil and gas sector…food companies, sporting goods companies.”

We are committed to the products and solutions we provide, and our teams are continually finding better ways to solve the daily challenges our clients and communities face.

“Every time we solve something…it’s to make something higher in quality or make something safer,” said Karen.

I want people to know that Olympus provides products that make the world a safer place.”