Global Grants

Global Grants Overview

The Olympus Global Grants Program accepts requests for programs making a global impact and programs involving activities or coordination across Olympus’ geographic regions.

Olympus develops a Global Strategic Grants Plan designed to maximize our impact. Grants strategy is aligned with Olympus Medical and Scientific Affairs’ educational and research priorities, as well as Olympus’ overall strategic priorities.

Through the Global Grants Program, Olympus focuses its support on a limited number of organizations whose goals align with our strategic priorities to ensure a greater impact for medical education and patient care around the globe. Olympus has limited funding for ad hoc requests. World congresses and requests coordinated by regional organizations with programming covering various geographic regions are included in our Global Grants category.

Olympus Grants Regions

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Global Grants are reviewed under an interregional grants process that involves
various Olympus regions. For more information regarding the Global Grants
Process please email