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To Olympus, innovation means having a long-term view and creating something new that will make a positive, lasting impact on people around the world. Innovation is a cause. It’s a mission. It’s a purpose.

Innovation allows people to see more. Seeing more means people can live happier, healthier, safer lives.

Spiration Valve System

A Proven New Direction

COPD affects more than 15 million Americans, including 3.84 million people with emphysema.

The Olympus Spiration Valve System (SVS) is a proven new direction in severe emphysema treatment that helps patients get back to the things they love most in life.

Innovation: ORBEYE

The Future of Surgery is Looking Up

Large-screen imaging cannot usually offer microscope-level detail, while microscopes can limit viewing to one person.

Olympus ORBEYE delivers HD 3D imaging on 55-inch monitors, allowing more surgeons and assistants to work side by side.

Innovation: NoviSight 3D

Insightfully Intelligent Answers

The development of new pharmaceuticals is critical to disease treatment, clinical trials, and the health of the world’s population.

Olympus NoviSight™ 3D cell analysis software is designed specifically for microplate-based research, the foundation of drug discovery.

Olympus IPLEX NX Videoscope

Groundbreaking 3D Precision

The environments within heavy-duty industrial inspection can be very unpredictable.

The Olympus IPLEX™ NX videoscope is a portable 3D inspection tool that helps make the power generation, oil and gas, automotive, and aerospace industries safer.

Innovation: X-Line Objectives

Breaking Down Barriers

A large microscope field of view (FOV) is beneficial, but there are tradeoffs in image quality the larger the FOV becomes.

Olympus X Line™ objectives utilize revolutionary optical technology to help unify image quality and FOV, producing critical answers quickly and efficiently.


Impact is about more than product performance. It’s about more than outcomes. It’s about understanding and creating unity by connecting the lives of those we touch.

Olympus helps save millions of lives, and makes millions more safer. We also help make lives more fulfilling.

“My job’s not done yet in this world.”

Healthcare can be very social. Following his own experience with colon cancer, Gale Fritsche has made it his mission to personally inspire others to make early screening a priority. And it’s making a huge difference.

Olympus is helping standardize minimally invasive techniques for both the diagnosis and and treatment of colon cancer. Less invasive surgery means better quality of life. More effective treatment means more lives can be saved.

A Revolutionary Approach Saves a Life

Michael Angelo was born with a rare disease that would require a liver transplant to save his life. Due to his small size, doctors were faced with the challenge of performing a transplant usually reserved for much larger babies.

The Olympus ORBEYE video microscope and the Olympus Thunderbeat advanced energy platform gave surgeons the confidence and tools to perform this revolutionary surgery, the first-ever of its kind.

The Scientific Spirit

There has always been a human desire to discover things that are invisible to the eye. The microscope is the foundation of that scientific spirit.

The Olympus mission began in 1919 when it became clear that the microscope represented the future of science. Today, we continue to look for new ways to contribute to the health of society, whether precision medicine, treatment research, or consumer safety.

“The most important thing we do.”

Finding a defect, crack, or corrosion within an airplane engine can mean the difference between a safe flight and potential engine failure.

Olympus borescopes enable airline engine inspectors to look inside an engine without having to take it apart. “This is a way we can ensure our passengers that the engine’s going to be safe for their flight,” says Gerard DiPreta, JetBlue Quality Control Supervisor. “It’s something to be proud of.”

Early Detection Saves Lives

More than 50,000 Americans die from colorectal cancer each year. Over 60% of these deaths could be prevented with early detection.

A platinum sponsor of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Olympus helps raise awareness of the importance of cancer screenings in communities across the country through financial support, free screenings, and fundraising events.


There’s a special bond between our customers, those they serve and help, the people who make up the Olympus team, and the communities we all live and work in. From this bond comes new connections, new opportunity, and new ways to think about the future.

Grounded in our Core Values - Integrity, Empathy, Long-Term View, Agility, and Unity - our employees make a difference every day. We stay true to life by staying true to these values that make us Olympus.

“I’ve always been proud to work for a company that helps treat cystic fibrosis patients. I am one.”

“While volunteering in Haiti, I saw the opportunity to put my professional skills to work in order to facilitate communications for two remote medical clinics.”

CEO Action Pledge

Being True to All People

CEO Action Pledge

“A workplace where a diversity of experiences and perspectives is welcomed and encouraged isn’t just good for employee morale. It’s good for the world at large.”

Community Involvement - Olympus Corporation

Passionate About Involvement

Community Involvement

“We help make a difference in the lives of people who live and work in the same neighborhoods as we do. Our commitment to giving back is at the core of what we believe.”