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Medical Technologies

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MedPresence as a telepresence tool for virtual clinical education

Simulation Is About to Get Much More Real

COVID-19-related restrictions on in-class learning have limited access to procedure spaces and created a demand for alternatives such as virtual clinical education. Remote participants such as students, fellows, and mentors need a remote access tool that provides in-room and clinical context video and audio communications—a tool that is much more robust than the typical video teleconference platform. 

Research Round-Up

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orbeye exoscope and two doctors

ORBEYE Helps Surgical Teams Protect Against COVID-19

A recent case report published in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery details how the use of the ORBEYE 4K 3D exoscope allows surgeons to perform otologic surgery with sterile draping and proper PPE without compromising surgical visualization or patient outcomes.

Patient Experience

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old man

“Don’t suffer silently.”

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky urged men to take advantage of the BPH treatment options available, including minimally invasive procedures.

At Our Core

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faces international

A Company-Wide Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Partnering with Tyrone Russel and his team of Learning Path Facilitators from Faces International Marketing and Development, LLC., Olympus worked throughout the past year to develop a Diversity & Inclusion training program, focusing on a top-down approach, that was rolled out in February and March of 2021.

ceo action day of understanding

A Message for CEO Action’s Day of Understanding

The CEO Action Day of Understanding is an important day for me, both professionally and personally. This year, it feels like our Day of Understanding is even more important, especially as we reflect on the events of the past year.

Inside Olympus

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public relations

A New Perspective on Public Relations

My name is Brynne Wacker, and I am a senior at Villanova University. This past summer, I was given the opportunity to be the Public Relations Intern at Olympus. This internship has given me a whole new perspective on the field of communications and a new outlook for my future career.

project onramp and inroads

Bringing in Diverse Perspectives for Summer 2021 Internships

When beginning the hiring process for the Summer 2021 Internship Program, Olympus wanted to implement strong initiatives to ensure a more diverse group of interns for the program – this mission led to partnerships with two organizations, Project Onramp and INROADS, to recruit qualified and enthusiastic interns from diverse backgrounds.