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A Day in the Life of an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)

Olympus has had a long-standing relationship with the American Red Cross – from hosting blood drives at our facilities, sponsoring and supporting the local Lehigh Valley Red Cross chapter’s annual Caberet & Cuisine events. Recently, along with Wawa, PPL Electric, and an anonymous donor, Olympus provided funding for a new Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV), which is essential to the Red Cross’s national natural disaster response. 

We recently spoke with Peter Brown, Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Rivers Chapter of the Red Cross. Last April, the Red Cross did a realignment of the PA Rivers Chapter which now includes the counties of Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Schuylkill, Columbia, Montour, North Umberland, Synder, and Union.  It runs from the Delaware River to the other side of the Schuylkill River in Mid-State. We talked with Peter about ERVs and how the ERV Olympus helped sponsor is currently making an impact on the community. 

What is an ERV and how does it work?


An ERV in the field can deploy anywhere in the country to typically support feeding exercises for hurricanes, wildfires, tornado responses, flooding.”

Olympus sponsored what the Red Cross is calling their, “new generation” of ERVs. What are the key differences between the new ERV and the old ERV?


Where will the Olympus-sponsored ERV live and how it will help those in the local community and beyond?


How often are ERVs deployed? Are there any limitations to the ERVs in a natural disaster? 

It is critical for us for local mission delivery. It helps raise the visibility of the Red Cross because the vehicles are branded so then we are out on a scene people know we are responding.”

What does a Day in the Life of an ERV driver/team look like?


On average, how many people can an ERV serve annually?


What kind of impact can an ERV make in a community?

[ERV’s] are really a symbol of what we are doing and who we are in the field.”

Besides using the ERV for mission delivery, what else are the ERV’s used for?


Have there been any difficulties in adding ERV’s to this new-generation fleet?


Do you have any favorite stories from your time working in an ERV?

What we were so happy about with this ERV is that three really strong local partners who have supported the Red Cross in many ways for many years really saw the value and the critical need for the vehicle and were really happy to be a part of it.”

What is your hope for the new year and the “new generation” of ERVs?


Finally, do you have any additional thoughts you’d like to offer about Olympus’ partnership with the Red Cross? 

Olympus is a role model that I use when I talk to other companies about the types of engagement that our available, when you build a partnership… We can’t thank the company and the team member there enough for their support for the Red Cross.”

Olympus looks forward to continuing to build our partnership with the Red Cross and see the lasting impact of the ERV we helped sponsor. Learn more about our partnership and other efforts we support: truetolife.com/stories/partner-ready

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