Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA) adheres to the OCA Code of Business Conduct (the Code). As a job seeker, we would like to make you aware of our Conflicts of Interest and disclosure requirements. Please note that the sections below have been excerpted from the Code and contain references to “employees” and “employment.” These references do not alter your status as an applicant. 

In order to proceed in submitting your resume, please read the following information carefully. If a representative from the Human Resources Department contacts you for an interview, you will be asked to confirm you have read this information and will be asked to disclose any potential conflict(s) of interest. You may review the Code in its entirety at this link

Thank you for your interest.

Conflicts of Interest

As employees of Olympus, we owe a duty of loyalty to the Company and must make fair and objective business decisions. This means we need to avoid or address any situation that creates a real or perceived conflict between our personal interests and Olympus’s interests. This includes disclosing any conflicts of interest that exist when we come to work at Olympus and those that arise during the course of employment. Many actual and potential conflicts of interest can be addressed and resolved without a serious issue. 

The Following Situations Can Lead to Conflict of Interest:

  • Personal relationships – for example, if a family member is employed by Olympus or an Olympus competitor, supplier, service provider, or customer.
  • Outside employment, volunteerism, and service on boards – for example, if you serve as an officer, director, or board member of a competitor, customer, supplier, vendor, or partner if your position could permit you to participate in any transaction with, or influence Olympus’s relationship.
  • Financial interests and investments – for example, if you have any influence or decision-making authority in an Olympus business transaction or business decision in which you or a family member may have a personal or financial interest.
  • Business opportunities – for example, if you pursue or support a business venture related to a confidential or proprietary idea pursued by Olympus or that directly competes with Olympus.