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Celebrating Diversity During Black History Month

At Olympus, we believe that cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is essential. To strengthen the company’s commitment to supporting all people, we encourage our employees to participate in Colleague Affinity Networks (CANs). These CANs are special interest groups for employees to celebrate commonalities and increase understanding of our differences through education, special events and team projects. 

In honor of Black History Month, we are spotlighting members of our African American CAN, a group dedicated to broadening awareness of different cultures while creating a welcoming environment.

Tracy Gregory

African American CAN Lead
People Experience Specialist

Many of the CAN’s events and programs are made possible by Tracy Gregory, who serves as the lead of the African American CAN. Tracy grew up in a community-based environment and was always encouraged by her parents and mentors to give back to the community, which she does on a regular basis. Tracy most enjoys meeting with the members of her CAN to discuss programs and educational projects that can be implemented through the diversity and inclusion initiative and shared with our employee base. 

tracy gregory

Monique Stanton-Carvalho

African American CAN Member
Salesforce Adoption Analyst

In addition to offering helpful programs to employees, the African American CAN also provides an excellent peer support network. Monique Stanton-Carvalho says, “As a member of the African American CAN, I feel like I have a place where I can get support and encouragement from my peers. It also has allowed me to network and connect with colleagues that I may see all time, but never had the opportunity to meet.”

monique stanton

Eric Jackson

African American CAN Member
Surgical Energy Territory Manager

For Eric Jackson, knowing that Olympus offers diversity and inclusion programs for employees makes work especially fulfilling. Eric says, “My experience here has been truly rewarding in many ways. Olympus has provided a platform in which uniqueness and differences are embraced and in which I, as a Black American, am comfortable bringing my authentic whole self to the work that I do, which breeds the passion that I have. This support and passion has led to breakthroughs in Transplant Surgery to include improved outcomes and safety with technology that had once never been considered nor tested in particular transplant procedures. This is what led to stories like baby Michael Angelo's liver transplant and earning ‘Rep of the Year.’” Read more about one of Eric’s most exciting cases.

eric jackson at university of miami health

Daphney Germain-Kolawole

African American CAN Lead
Program Manager of RA/QA Strategy

Daphney Germain-Kolawole feels that one of the best parts of participating in CANs at Olympus is broadening your network by connecting with employees throughout the organization. “I've had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with intelligent and talented co-workers,” says Daphney. “The CANs have planned and executed meaningful events that impact our organization and community. Being an African American CAN Lead and a participant in the Olympus Diversity and Inclusion initiative has exposed me to other parts of Olympus that I would not have witnessed in my normal day-to-day work life. I truly appreciate the networking opportunities and peer support that comes with being a CAN member.”

daphney germain kolawole

Fostering Unity Through Diversity & Inclusion

All CANs at Olympus aim to promote corporate initiatives related to recruitment and talent development. We hope that by focusing efforts on our current and future employees’ careers, we will continue to build a diverse and inclusive culture. During Black History Month, it is especially important to recognize all members of the Olympus family and raise awareness of the cultural and historical differences that make each person a uniquely valuable teammate. Our employees are the heart of Olympus, and we are proud to support opportunities that bring our employees together through a shared value or purpose. It’s all part of our mission of making lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling.

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