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Nine Physicians Evaluate Current Market’s Single-use and Reusable Bronchoscopes

The Survey

Olympus did not initiate, fund, or set or control parameters for the Study.

With the popularity of single-use medical devices on the rise, wouldn’t it be helpful to point to peer-reviewed, published user experience on key performance metrics?

In Operator Perception of the Performance of Multiple Single-use Bronchoscopes Compared to Standard Re-usable Bronchoscope,1 Darrell Nettlow, MD, and colleagues participate in a small, single-center study conducted on an ex-vivo model, not in a clinical setting or during patient care, to evaluate user preference and overall perception scores on some of the current market’s single-use and reusable bronchoscopes. The study was conducted at UC San Diego Health and the perception paper was published in the October 2022 issue of American Journal of Biomedical Science & Research.

Nine researchers evaluated three single-use bronchoscopes, including Olympus’ H-SteriScope™ Single-use Bronchoscope. Immediately after completing the bronchoscopies in the ex-vivo model, participants completed an anonymous survey rating each bronchoscope’s ease of maneuverability into the difficult airway segments (RB1, RB6, LB1/2, and LB6) on a scale of 1-100, with a higher number representing a more favorable rating. The participants’ ability to successfully engage each of these segments was also recorded.

How did they score?

The Webinar

The overall perception scores in Operator Perception of the Performance of Multiple Single-use Bronchoscopes Compared to Standard Re-usable Bronchoscope,1 were also highlighted in a March 2023 webinar hosted by Interventional Pulmonologist George Z. Cheng, MD, PhD. As one of the participants in the study, Dr. Cheng presented “Hybrid Bronchoscopy Solution: Single-use and Reusable Bronchoscopes – The Right Scope, for the Right Patient, in the Right Situation.” Dr. Cheng reviewed the details of the research, the bronchoscopes evaluated in the trial, and why adopting a hybridized bronchoscopy portfolio may support optimal patient outcomes. 

Dr. Cheng is a paid consultant of the Olympus Corporation, its subsidiaries, and/or its affiliates.

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What’s the takeaway?

1.    Darrell N, Grant S, Abdurrahman H, Matthew N, Russell M, et al, Operator Perception of The Performance of Multiple Single-Use Bronchoscopes Compared to Standard Re-Usable Bronchoscope. Am J Biomed Sci & Res. 2022 17(2) AJBSR.MS.ID.002333. DOI:10.34297/AJBSR.2022.17.002333.


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